Thursday, May 5, 2011

NEWS: Martha Madison, Judy McGrath, Jackie Cooper, Twitter, Friend

THE BAY's Martha Madison temporarily replaces Rebecca Herbst on GENERAL HOSPITAL
Due to illness, Rebecca Herbst's role of Elizabeth Webber will be temporarily recast by Martha Madison (ex-Belle, DAYS), with a first airdate of June 8.

MTV Networks CEO Judy McGrath Resigns
It's an end of an era at MTV - after what has been years of speculation, Viacom today announced that veteran Judy McGrath is resigning from her position as Chairman and CEO of its MTV Networks. McGrath, who had been at MTV almost from the beginning, starting as a copywriter at the music channel in 1981, and was named Chairman and CEO of MTV Networks in July 2004 by then-Viacom co-president and co-COO (and McGrath mentor) Tom Freston, to whom she reported. ABC underdog for Katie Couric
“Everybody still believes that ABC is the real underdog in any negotiation,” says an ABC insider.

Child Star, Superman Actor Jackie Cooper Dies
Cooper passed away on May 4 after a brief illness, according to agent Ronnie Lief at age 89.

Couch Potato on the Go: Watching TV on an iPad
Television programs, like music and books, are migrating from their traditional form of delivery to transmission over the Internet for consumption on computers, tablets and smartphones. A growing number of people, at least some of the time, are choosing to watch shows on these devices rather than on television sets.

THE GOOD WIFE and Its Women
Certainly this primetime drama pays homage to the legal procedural. But it is also a heightened exploration of how several generations of fully realized female characters clamber for control and identity in the dense, slippery politics of home and office.

VIDEO: Does Twitter Drive TV Viewership?
Twitter says it saw its most expansive integration with television to date during the recent Royal Wedding, and it suggests that engagement on Twitter drives TV viewership.

What Does ‘Friend’ Mean Nowadays?
What does the word friend mean? It was easier to define before Facebook, back when you called and wrote the dozen or so people who earned the label. The Boston Globe says “‘friend’’ has become ‘contested terrain’’ linguistically as social media sites alter the term’s very DNA.” Part of the problem, or confusion, anyways, is that language evolves as the way we interact does: “The meanings of words derive from how we use them — and clearly as the world changes, we apply words in different ways. Some scientists suggest humans are only capable of sustaining about 150 healthy relationship, and that only about 5 of those are truly intimate.

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