Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NEWS: Who Killed Soaps, Nielsen Homes, GLEE, BBC America

Who Killed the Soaps? 7 Culprits, Including THE REAL HOUSEWIVES, Farmville, and James Franco
It's true that soaps don't make as much money as they used to, but why? Are there culprits to blame beyond network executives needing to cut costs? points a finger at several other guilty parties in the death of the serial.

Nielsen: 21,000 Nielsen National People Meter homes in the U.S.
"There are 21,000 Nielsen National People Meter (NPM) homes in the United States. The NPM tracks what people around the country are watching at any given time. We make sure that the NPM is weighted so that it can accurately reflect the entire U.S television-viewing population. For example, we make sure the NPM represents an accurate number of men vs. women, or people at various ages and of different ethnicities."

Comcast to invest additional $300 million for NBCUniversal programming
During a conference call with analysts to discuss Comcast's first-quarter earnings, Burke said the company would spend $200 million more this year on prime-time shows to try to give the cellar-dwelling NBC network a lift in the ratings. The Philadelphia-based cable giant also plans to pump in an additional $100 million on programming for the company's profitable cable networks -- including USA, Syfy, E! and Bravo -- to keep the channels at the top of their game.

John Stamos talks about SVU role and GLEE
“It’s really the farthest thing I’ve ever done on TV and movies from who I am,” Stamos said about SVU during a conference call with reporters earlier this week. “It scared the hell out of me -— he’s a reproductive abuser. He’s really unlike any character I’ve seen or read anywhere.”

GLEE Watch: When Times Go Bad, When Times Go Rough
"It's worth noting that 'Rumours' was at least a partial exception to the rule that Glee is best when it is about the adults as little as possible. Will's various romantic dilemmas have never been too compelling, but last night the show made him interesting by focusing on a conflict that makes sense: namely, whether he's given up too much by devoting himself to his kids and the school."

GLEE's concert tour to become a 3D movie
"Glee Live! In Concert!" will be released in August for a two-week engagement.

5 Web TV Series In the Barrel; Advertisers Just Need to Pull the Trigger
ANYONE BUT ME, DOWNSIZED and LENOX AVENUE are included in the list.

BBC America Launches Comedy Block
BBC America's top U.K. comedy imports will air in a block. Branded Ministry of Laughs, the two-hour block will launch June 18 at 10 p.m. ET. Included in it are THE INBETWEENERS, an all-new season of the BAFTA-winning teen comedy, which is being remade by MTV.

WWE: Stylistically Speaking on the Concept of the Action Soap Opera
Trey Styles writes: "With their recent booking and creative choices the 'E' has truly taken two steps forward and three steps back. Their back to square one approach to many current situations shows a very high level of complacency."


  1. My math sucks but it doesn't seem like 21,000 people can determine what everyone is watching.

  2. Yeah, 21,000 cannot possibly represent a correct number...and AGAIN, SoapNet, dvr, and internet viewing IS NOT COUNTED!These are not accurate numbers.

  3. Nielsen is antiquated and out of touch. They do NOT represent an accurate view of the ratings yet they prance around claiming to be all knowing and receive millions of dollars for their misrepresentations and lies.We NEED to stand up or our rights. Also according to them we viewers over 49 and under 18 do NOT count or mean anything and in some scenarios they do not count male viewers. Maybe the networks need to ask us and not some ineffectual panel of idiots.We have a voice and a mind of our own and do NOT have to be told what we like...we know!

  4. People
    can decide what they want on the air and what they dont .... you either deal or move onto something else.

  5. People
    can decide what they want on the air and what they dont .... you either deal or move onto something else.

  6. Since "The Talk" took over from "As The World Turns", viewership for that times lot is down by 20% as is the demographic. They might save costs, but they will not gain viewers. People will just go out and not even bother to DVR.

    Since the wife of the Pres. of CBS hosts "The Talk", I doubt anything will be done to rectify taking off a show that had generations of followers(56 years!!).

  7. Soap killers: models who want to act; writers who can't write and haven't ever watched a soap; producers who continue to hire the beautiful but talentless.