Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NEWS: Patrick Dempsey, Eileen Fulton, Sam Waterston, Cat Deeley

Patrick Dempsey On GREY'S ANATOMY Future: Season 8 Will Be 'My Last'
In the new issue of the Italian Vanity Fair, Patrick Dempsey confirms that the show’s upcoming eighth season will be his swan song. “It’s gonna be my last,” he told the mag. “I do not know what’s going to happen to the other characters, but for me it’s done.”

Eileen Fulton on why the audience embraced ATWT's Lisa
"That she had guts. And that she knew what wanted and she went after it. And just to hell with anybody who got in her way. After about 10 years of being on the show, I went out and, when I made appearances, like in shopping malls, these women would bring their little girls up and say, ‘I named my daughter for you.’ And I said, ‘Oh, hello Eileen.’ And a little kid said, ‘My name is Lisa!’ And gave me a kick. And I said, ‘You’re living up to your name.’"

WATCH: CBS Interactive Chief Declares"Internet Video is Finally Working"
After years of development, with successes and failures, "Internet video is finally working," says Jim Lanzone, president of CBS Interactive, in this interview with Beet.TV Counter convential wisdom, online video is not cannibalizing television consumption but helping to drive it, he says.We spoke with him at the CBS Interactive studios in San Francisco.

Sam Waterston Joins Aaron Sorkin's HBO Pilot
Waterston has joined the cast of the tentatively-titled MORE AS THIS STORY DEVELOPS, Aaron Sorkin’s HBO drama pilot set behind the scenes at a cable news network.

The much-buzzed-about project — exec produced by Sorkin and Scott Rudin — stars Jeff Daniels as Will McCallister, the host of a popular cable news show. Waterston will play McCallister’s boss.

Critics' Choice Television Awards Land TV, Online Distribution, Tap Host
The inaugural Critics’ Choice Television Awards -- from the newly established Broadcast Television Journalists Association, an offshoot of the Broadcast Film Critics Association -- will be hosted by Cat Deeley. The ceremony, which will take place at the Beverly Hills Hotel on June 20, will be televised by ReelzChannel, which will run it on June 22.

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  1. Lisa was the most popular girls name in the 1960's surpassing "Mary" which was number 1 since social security started tracking baby names in 1880's- suspect popularity of ATWT and Eileen Fulton had something to do with it.