Thursday, May 26, 2011

NEWS: Natalie Cassidy, Older Viewers, Tristan Rogers, Lisa Kudrow

Natalie Cassidy 'splits from fiancé Adam Cottrell' after his arrest over alleged assault on former EASTENDERS star
Cassidy has allegedly split from her fiancĂ© and cancelled their £50,000 white wedding planned for later this year after his arrest on assault charges.

She has also booted him of the £190,000, two-bed flat she shared with him and their seven-month-old daughter Eliza in Brouxbourne, Hertfordshire,

The news comes as the star's father claims that Cottrell 'punched a hole in a microwave oven' shortly before he was arrested on suspicion of beating the 28-year-old former EASTENDERS actress.

Networks talk about value of older viewers but still program to young
Unless the entertainment chiefs at the networks figure the best way to entice people over the age of 50 is to give them something young and hot to look at, it’s unclear how their new fall schedules are in sync with what their counterparts in sales are spinning to media buyers.

The reality is that for all the talk about the increasing value of older viewers, the networks are still youth-obsessed. There are many reasons for this and none of them should leave middle-age and older viewers angry.

First, while it is true that most people over the age of 45 and 50 make more money than people over the age of 25 and in theory then should be of greater value for advertisers, that’s not the issue. The main reason advertisers want younger viewers is because they believe older viewers tend to be more loyal to their brands and unlikely to switch. Take it as a compliment, the more mature one gets, the less likely they are to be fooled by some fancy commercial. Also, with many having children later, younger people often have more disposable income.

Second, older people watch more television than younger people, which means it is easier for advertisers to reach them. That lowers their value. Advertisers and networks are more interested in wooing someone who ignores them rather than embracing those who want their company. It’s a lot like dating.

Doctor Who executive Piers Wenger leaves BBC for Film4
Wenger joined BBC Wales as head of drama in 2007 and has overseen the latest regeneration with Matt Smith playing the Doctor.

Off-Broadway's "Manipulation" (with Rob Bogue) Will Close Prior to Official Opening
Directed by Marilyn Fried, the production, which began previews May 14, had been scheduled to officially open June 16. The production will now "go on hiatus following its 7 p.m. performance on Sunday, May 29 to implement changes to the show." A new start date has yet to be announced.

'Tuna' saga continues at St. Vincent Summer Theatre
"Red, White and Tuna" by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard is a comedic show that calls for two actors to play 20 characters. The show stars James Hartman, who has played extensively in theater, film, and television, including roles on NBC's ANOTHER WORLD and ABC's ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

First Presbyterian Church of Wildwood has been through a lot
Portia Iverson, her name not unlike some of the names of the characters she portrayed on such soaps as ANOTHER WORLD, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and Loving, recalled at the 100th anniversary service of the church that she switched professions because she wanted to do “some full-time meaningful work.”

'Ragu' appeals to all tastes
Frank Ingrasciotta is author and star of "Blood Type: Ragu," which comes to Capital Repertory Theatre this week, on its first major stop outside of Manhattan. He started out as an actor and director, making the rounds of TV soap operas, including ALL MY CHILDREN and a five-year stint on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, where "I was Rene Buchanan's maitre'd at the Palace Hotel Restaurant."

Lisa Kudrow to Host Webby Awards
The 15th annual honors will take place in Manhattan on June 13.

Tristan Rogers on "The going of Guza" and more
"Since 08’ I have been of the opinion that GH was controlled by people way above Frons. Who they are I have no idea but in comparing ABC Daytime of the present and that of the '80s there’s little comparison. Jackie Smith, VP of Daytime back in the early '80s was someone clearly in charge. There was never any question of that. In today’s world “whose on first” is hard to discern. As for who is in charge at GH. My recollection was Gloria Monty, and anybody who questioned that didn’t have a job by days end. Certainly the string of Head Writers we had never had the last word on story or anything else for that matter."

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