Thursday, May 26, 2011

NEWS: Claire Bloom, Afternoon TV, Cady McClain, Port Chuck

Charlie Chaplin Is the Father Claire Bloom Never Had
Bloom brought her 65 years of experience at New York’s Film Forum in a special event devoted entirely to her life and work on Tuesday night. She talked openly about acting jobs she took on mostly for money, like her 18-month stint as villainous Orlena Grimaldi on AS THE WORLD TURNS (As she said last night about the latter role, she doesn’t regret taking it on, but she has no plans to return to that kind of acting again.)

Through it all, Mrs. Bloom continues to work. Last seen as Queen Mary in this year’s Best Picture Oscar winner The King’s Speech, she ended the night with a tantalizing hint as to a possible future film project: something with Jerry Lewis?

“Well, why not?” she said in a carefree tone of voice. “It would be terrific. I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen.”

Women’s afternoon TV: RIP - The game shows went, then the soaps, and now even Oprah has left the building
“When you think of daytime TV,” says Wesley Hyatt, author of "The Encyclopedia of Daytime Television," “do you think of anything else besides talk shows, soaps and game shows?” Well, you might have to. The big hit shows that defined afternoon viewing will soon be gone forever.

Cady McClain says there still a place for the simple, inexpensive option of regular daytime TV: “Not everyone can afford Internet, the rising costs of cable, or even a computer. But somehow, most people manage to get a TV. That factors into why daytime reached a mass cultural consciousness: the simple accessibility, five days a week.”

Contract Killings on the Sets of Soaps and Sitcoms \
"Authors have been offing characters played by troublesome actors as long as there have been troublesome actors (which is to say, actors)."

GENERAL HOSPITAL Hunks Release Debut Album ‘Volume One’ as Cover Band Port Chuck
“They’re songs that all match who we are,” notes Scott Reeves. “We took about two or three each, and a couple of them we all sing, but it was a blast to do. We got to take songs that we grew up with and do our own thing with them. There’s also a bonus track that I think everyone is going to get a kick out of, and I’m not going to tell you what that is!”

Play TRUE BLOOD Dig Deeper
Find all 60 Season 3 clues and win the ultimate True fan experience.

Marcy Rylan pregnant again
THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS star Marcy Rylan (Abby) is going to be a mom again! The actress confirms to Soaps In Depth that she and fiancé Don Money are expecting their second child in the fall. "We're really excited," Rylan reports. "We're working on our herd."

Dark Shadows the Movie....Seriously?
Anne Mikolay opines: "Some things are best left alone."

Marlo Thomas Declares 'Free to Be' Dead Due to Anti-Gay Bullying
"For all the walls we thought we'd broken down with 'Free to Be' -- and all the stereotypes we thought we'd shattered -- children today are not free to be anything they want to be, nor anything they are, and they are dying for it. And no beautiful lyric can fix that."

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