Saturday, May 21, 2011

NEWS: 25 Stylish Men, Eileen Fulton, Mary Hart, Laurence Lau

The 25 Most Stylish Men on TV
GQ has named the 25 best-dressed men on television including:
24. Lane Pryce (Jared Harris), MAD MEN
23. Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), GOSSIP GIRL
19. Eric Northman (Alexander SkarsgÄrd), TRUE BLOOD
16. Blaine Anderson, (Darren Criss), GLEE
15. Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), THE VAMPIRE DIARIES
13. Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), 30 ROCK
9. Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi), BOARDWALK EMPIRE
7. Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), GLEE
5. Chalky White (Michael Kenneth Williams), BOARDWALK EMPIRE
2. Don Draper (Jon Hamm), MAD MEN

Hulk Hogan, other WWE stars react to "Macho Man" Randy Savage's death
"I'm completely devastated, after over 10 years of not talking with Randy, we've finally started to talk and communicate," Hulk tweeted. "He had so much life in his eyes & in his spirit, I just pray that he's happy and in a better place and we miss him."

Mary Hart's "ET" exit marks the end of an era of nice TV
"The tone of television has changed," says Hart, who at age 60 signs off tonight after 29 years at the ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT anchor desk. "A lot of people like to watch ambush TV now." She adds: "I'm proud that we don’t do that. I'm proud that we have a credibility and trust that comes both from the audience and the stars."

ABC Plans Encore Episodes For Memorial Day
AMC: From October 17, 2008 -- A tornado strikes Pine Valley, leaving Zach trapped in a car, and Adam and Erica stranded together. Aidan spies Ryan and Greenlee in each other's arms, Babe is mortally wounded, and Zach finds a pregnant Bianca in the rubble.

OLTL: From April 15, 2011 -- Learning that Shane is being bullied in school, Clint visits his grandson, but Rex won't let him speak to the boy. Bo and Nora debate whether or not Matthew should turn himself in for murdering Eddie, while Phyllis Rose announces that she knows who the killer is. Marty asks John if he would take Natalie back if he were to find out that Liam was his son.

GH: From February 25, 2011 - History repeats itself in this "clink-boom" episode as Sonny and Brenda depart for their honeymoon, only for their limo to go up in flames. But their wedding guests are all shocked to discover who was really inside the car when it exploded.

Three new Spanish-language networks to roll-out new channels in the US

Two Cheers For GLEE
Underneath the music and humor, GLEE is a serious show: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS with music.

Eileen Fulton to star with more Terrence Mann in "My Fair Lady"
Terrence Mann will star as Professor Henry Higgins and soap legend Eileen Fulton will play Mrs. Higgins, July 7-17 in the Harriet S. Jorgensen Theatre. Mann won an Emmy as Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series in 1987 for his work on AS THE WORLD TURNS.

The Definitive History of Science Fiction and Fantasy Cop Shows
Don Hastings and CAPTAIN VIDEO are included.

Laurence Lau joins Sandy Duncan and more in "Becky's New Car"
"Becky's New Car" will be directed by Drama League Fellow Kate Powers at Theatre Aspen starting June 22.

A list of this season's canceled shows
TV networks don't waste a lot of time lamenting the shows that they canned or that the shows' creators decided to end. And, adding to viewer confusion, split seasons make it even more difficult to know which of your favorite shows are on hiatus and which are gone for good.

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