Thursday, May 19, 2011

NEWS: Agnes Nixon Donates Scripts, Richard Culliton, Jeff Conaway

Agnes Nixon donates scripts to Penn; Says of AMC/OLTL: "We’re ending them but we aren’t ending them"
Penn’s Annenberg School for Communication (ASC) will carefully and permanently preserved virtually every script of ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and LOVING.

The complete collection of the scripts were a gift to Penn made by Agnes Nixon, the creator of the groundbreaking soap operas and one of the most prolific and respected writers of daytime drama in American history.

“The Annenberg School is very well-known, and I believe Penn wanted the scripts as a piece of history,” says Nixon, who lives in the Philadelphia suburbs and has set her dramas in fictional towns resembling communities in the Delaware Valley.

“We’re ending them but we aren’t ending them, if you know what I mean,” she says. “It’s possible that some other network might pick them up, so we are ending them with a tune-in-tomorrow attitude.”

But fans should expect to see long-lost characters return to Pine Valley and Llanview during the final episodes, she says. “We’ll have situations that will bring them back.”

Jeff Conaway in critical condition after apparent overdose
Conaway has appeared in THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, BABYLON5 and BERRENGER'S, as well as the hit comedy TAXI.

Adult Swim announces new live-action soap opera
THE HEART, SHE HOLLER is about folk who ain’t never used soap or seen an opera. It’s a satire on the emotional Hee-Hawification of America, set in a town so inbred, the folks have become almost supernaturally wrong.

UK: Plot thickens as Cambridge gets its very own soap
Auditions for roles in CAMBRIDGE LIVES are set to take place next week, and budding stars and writers from across the city are being urged to try out for a shot at the big time.

Emmy-winning television writer Richard Culliton stars in Steel Beam Theatre production of A.R. Gurney play ‘Later Life’ in St. Charles
“I was a theater major at Northwestern University and appeared in two shows with Donna Steele,” Culliton says about his fellow student who would go on to found Steel Beam. “We had a short scene together and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, she is the real deal.’”


  1. Sounds like Nixon is gonna end it on a cliffhanger or leave a lot of things up in the air. I don't like that. Whats the point of these returns if you are not going to give fans closure?

  2. I'm glad she is hopeful that someone will pick up the Shows that have many years of entertainment to provide.