Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NEWS: Happy Endings, TiVo, Olivia Munn, El Equipo, Hulu

HAPPY ENDINGS hopes to get more serialized after out-of-order Season 1
"Everything from someone gets a new job and now you're following them from starting a new job for a few episodes or Max gets a boyfriend and now we're following him as he has to meet the guy's parents or get more serious -- or not want to get serious. We're still a very young show so I don't know if we'll be able to get to that right away; that may be later on next season if we're lucky enough to hang in there. We're still launching, but it'd be fun to deal with the characters growing in general."

Is TiVo finally ready to turn the corner?
Comcast has agreed to not only help market TiVo's latest high-definition DVR to its cable subscribers, but will also allow those customers to use the device to access its library of 25,000 On Demand movies and TV shows, which up to now could only be viewed through a Comcast-approved set-top box. And Comcast won't charge for installation.

Olivia Munn joins Aaron Sorkin's HBO cable news drama
A source close to the deal confirmed Munn’s involvement in the still-untitled series. Munn already has some experience in the field of fake cable news, with a recurring role as a correspondent for THE DAILY SHOW.

ANYONE BUT ME in Curve Magazine
"Besides the challenges that come every year, you want to make sure you’re telling the best stories you can the best way you can. You also want to explore new avenues of storytelling if you can as well. Also with a third season you know what exactly it is that really excites your audience and you want to be able to give them those elements but you also want to move the story into new areas. So it’s a balancing act to continue with the stories you’ve developed while creating new ones."

Police Are Heroes of Mexico TV Show
EL EQUIPO (The Team) uses attractive actors and dramatic action sequences to glorify "los federales" and debase their drug trafficking opponents, as Time reports. The show flits between the cops' daily battles against organized crime, and the drama of their interpersonal relationships at home and on the job. (See trailer below).

Fans and supporters praise the new series, saying that it will improve the bad reputation of law enforcement in Mexico. Yet critics accuse Televisa, which produces the show, of being nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Calderon government, which is under increasing pressure over its use of federal and military forces to put down drug traffickers. Recent protests have opposed Calderon’s hardline tactics against drug gangs, claiming that this approach has actually worsened violence in Mexico.

THE GOOD WIFE ends season with an exquisite, old-fashioned season finale
"Closing Arguments," says Matt Zoller Seitz, "reminded me of why I fell in love with this show in the first place, and why I continue to watch it even when its ripped-from-the-headlines plots feel labored and its workplace soap opera tangents become too, well, soapy. Like the series as a whole, this episode — directed by series co-creator Robert King, and co-written with his wife and collaborator Michelle King — is old fashioned in the best sense. Every scene is written, acted and directed with maximum intelligence and minimum fuss."

GLEE was almost the anti-GLEE with sympathetic Sue Sylvester
Sue had become such a cartoon super-villain this season that it was stunning to see the "Actual Sympathetic Human Sue Sylvester" for a change.

Shows could be delayed under new Hulu deal
The delay would allow News Corp., NBC Universal and Disney to shop shows to other streaming services.

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