Friday, May 13, 2011

NEWS: Bo & Nora Tragedy, ABC Pickups, Freddie Smith, Amanda Robb

More Tragedy for ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Bo and Nora
On May 23, Matthew will collapse and, later, he's diagnosed as being very nearly brain-dead. Then comes word that Bo's brother Clint (Jerry verDorn) needs a new heart or he will die. You can see where this plot might go.

OLTL And AMC Actors Headed to Y&R
"The Y&R writers are heartbroken and devastated that our other soaps have been cancelled. Our hearts go out to all of the people who are now out of jobs. So, in many ways, we feel a responsibility to make [Y&R] as good as possible in order to pay homage to those other soaps." With the soap landscape shrinking, the existing soaps are also focused on making changes that will be viewed as improvements. Scott Hamner acknowledges, "We also feel the pressure to make the show good."

Worst name for an American soap?
"I think ONE LIFE TO LIVE is the worst name ever for an American soap," says Kevin McGee. "The minimum requirement on American soaps is that you have three lives to live."

They changed the name from Bitches to Belles.

Darius McCrary's Lord All Men Can't Be Dogs premieres Sunday
This musical comedy focuses on the troubles of Lisa and Tim, whose marriage is falling apart as two evil spirits take up residence in their house. But, when two good spirits show up, the battle for Lisa and Tim's love and souls reaches a feverish pitch. It's a story of temptation, greed and finally, deliverance.

New DAYS OF OUR LIVES cast member?
According to, Freddie Smith just signed a major contract with DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

Andrew Chesler and Amanda Robb and their daughter, Daisy, live in a two-bedroom with a commanding view of New York City.

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