Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NEWS: Teary Susan Lucci, Univision Mobile Soap, Poor Damon

Susan Lucci gets teary on ET over AMC cancellation
"I was blindsided," said Susan. "I had many good reasons not to see it coming."

The woman made famous by playing Erica Kane revealed that she had seen a favorable financial report for the show not long before receiving the bad news.

Latin Soap Goes Mobile
Univision will release a telenovela targeting mobile devices, an example of traditional media experimenting with new formats.

The series will be called NO ME HALLO ("Finding Myself") and features Angelic Vale, a popular Mexican actress who starred in the telenovela that inspired the American show TV show UGLY BETTY. She plays a former music star whose husband-agent leaves her penniless.

The series will be released in mini-episodes three to five minutes long. Viewers can access the free episodes through a Univision app or directly online.

VAMPIRE DIARIES fans made "Poor Damon" a Twitter trending topic on Tuesday
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  1. Nelson,

    You're right. Susan is a class act and also a loyal castmate. Having grown up watching Susan, my heart aches for her and her colleagues. They've been a part of the lives of many of for 40 years.

    My best wishes to the cast and crew of AMC and OLTL. I hope that they find employment quickly.

    Finally, may the House of Mouse execs suffer such ignoble and shabby firings. The sexism, ageism, and condescension directed to viewers by ABC, ad agencies, and advertisers is appalling.