Saturday, April 30, 2011


An all-new episode of Indie Soap Award-winning THEN WE GOT HELP! is out this week. Creator and star Julie Ann Emery offers a preview:

"Eric and Dan are in attendance together again...and Eric runs the meeting! He makes the group play a drinking game (of course he does). We also get a tiny foreshadowing moment of what is going to happen over the next 5 episodes with these two. The adoption process story line is going to turn dramatic in the next 3 weeks. Actually, the most dramatic we've ever gotten on our little show. And I'll leave you with that cryptic comment (of course I do).

"And my favorite moments this week involve a little bad musical commentary (and of course the group's reactions to it). Thom steals Kenny's guitar for the evening and assaults the group. Eric actually says 'Thom! You are raping my ears!'

"On another note, we'll be on hiatus again next week. But when we return, Sam McMurray will be Guest Starring as Gerry's crazy father! And it is quite a performance. So that episode will actually launch on May 13th."

Watch it all unfold below.

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