Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Indie Soap Beat: The Latest Web Series News

Here's a rundown of some of the latest web series news:

WE LOVE SOAPS TV attended the second season premiere party for DOWNSIZED on Tuesday night at Copia in New York City. The crowd, which included ALL'S FAIRE creator Thom Woodley, and THEN WE GOT HELP's Julie Ann Emery and Kevin Earley, loved it. Look for additional coverage of this event later today.

Southside, the new movie from THE BAY creator Gregori J. Martin starring Kristos Andrews, begins shooting today in New York. Emmy winner and Indie Soap Award nominee Martha Byrne will be playing an NYPD cop in the film.

Speaking of Byrne, the actress has revealed she will be appearing in the web series PRETTY (another successful Indie Soap Awards connection!) and is working with EMPIRE writers Greg Turner and Brian Hewson on a new comedy web series. Stay tuned!

Photos by Kevin Mulcahy Jr.

TRAILER MADE, RAGGED ISLE and SECRETS have been the web series of choice in our Indie Soap of the Week polls of late. You can vote every week here.

ANYONE BUT ME kicked off its third season with two live events on Monday night. WE LOVE SOAPS TV ran into creator Tina Cesa Ward at the DOWNSIZED party and shared our excitement over the new episode (it's wonderful and left us wanting more). Watch it here.

Woodley revealed to WE LOVE SOAPS TV that there is one remaining episode of ALL'S FAIRE in the can. This tied into an earlier discussion with Emery and Earley about release dates for web series and what works best--consistent weekly or bi-weekly airings over a period of time versus a longer or more random release schedule (giving you more time to promote each episode). What do you think?

A new web series, DEVANITY, kicks off Thursday from creator Michael Caruso. The drama deals with the lives of the dysfunctional DeVanity family and their crumbling jewelry business in downtown Los Angeles. You can check it out at

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