Friday, April 22, 2011

WATCH: THEN WE GOT HELP! 2.6 "If I Had a Hammer"

This week on an all-new episode of THEN WE GOT HELP!:

The Swingers are back, Dan discovers the downside of soft hands, Anna discovers the downside of Lao Tsu, and Kenny discovers the downside of bringing a squeaky hammer to the meeting.

Kenny saw a reality TV show with Jenny and "they were using these puffy bats to beat each other with when they got mad". The idea of beating Jenny with a puffy bat appeals to him so much, that he brings his own version to the meeting. And things definitely get out of hand.

Dan and Eric get into a squeaky fight about 'over-sharing'. Not knowing the difference between public and private is something Kevin and I have definitely struggled with in our years together. And in my on-going effort to prove to the hetero world that Gay relationships and Straight relationships are far more similar than you think....I have heaped that issue onto Dan and Eric this week. And I love how they've run with it. Alternately furious, titillated, and tickled.

Watch it all unfold below.

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