Sunday, April 17, 2011

NEWS: Lucci Bestseller, Daytime Dramageddon, Silvio Horta

Susan Lucci on The New York Times bestsellers list
"All My Life" is #15 this week among hardcover nonfiction books, down from #6 last week.

Give 'Em Hill: Daytime dramageddon
"Really? THE CHEW? What the Hello-Kitty is that? A talk show a la THE VIEW, hosted by Chewbacca? Is it sponsored by Skoal? Does it have something to do with excessive sneezing?"

Frank Runyeon "sad" about the ALL MY CHILDREN cancellation
"It's always sad because I have a lot of friends that have been working in day time ever since I was."

More Latino TV? UGLY BETTY showrunner Silvio Horta hopes so
"Look, I think there are 50 million Latinos in the U.S. To have more Latino faces and more Latinos working in the industry would seem not just good for diversity, it seems like good business. Personally, I’d rather see accurate and well-done portrayals, and a really thought-out process to create an infrastructure for hiring. That for me is more important than just filling the slots. I don’t want to see more Latino reality TV actors for a cook-off or something. That’s ridiculous. It’s a bigger conversation than an A,B,C, or D grade."

Soap opera meets the Dark Ages in GAME OF THRONES
HBO's GAME OF THRONES is filled with the trappings of a typical fantasy tale: kings, knights, dragons and mysterious creatures. But, at its very dark heart, this series based on George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, is closer to a medieval version of THE SOPRANOS or DALLAS than it is to a Lord of the Rings.

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