Saturday, April 16, 2011

NEWS: Lucci Receiving Offers, Soaps Good For You, Willey

TMZ: Susan Lucci BLINDSIDED By Cancellation
TMZ spoke to Lucci's daughter, Liza Huber, who told us the soap star only learned about the show's fate on Thursday -- at the same time producers informed the rest of the cast -- and Susan was "upset" by the news.

But fear not Lucci fans -- Liza tells us her mother has NO plans to retire ... and she's already receiving offers to do other TV shows and various projects.

Why Soap Operas Are Good For You
"People are still watching network soaps, of course, just not the people that the networks or advertisers want to be watching."

Soap opera cancellation alters local actor's career again
A new head writer tried bringing in younger characters, but according to Howard Johnson, his friend Walt Willey didn’t think that was a smart move.

“People who’d watched the show forever would tune in and they wouldn’t recognize the characters,” Johnson said.

Cancelled! Nasty ABC bursts my soap bubble
"The new generation isn't watching daytime soaps. Why would they when everything on reality TV is more bizarre and shocking than the makebelieve twists and turns of daytime dramas?"

Young, Restless and Glued to Soaps
"My enabler in soap opera viewing was my grandmother — my mother’s mother — a Sicilian immigrant and an unlikely mischief maker, whose devotion to what she and legions of other women invariably called 'my stories' was belied by a seriousness in nearly all other things."

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