Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NEWS: Maria Bell, More TV on Computers Now, Betty Paul

PWC Study: More TV Now Viewed On Computer Than TV
Consumers are spending about 20 hours per week accessing digital content-including video games and print content--on a cell phone, computer, or mobile device, with the majority of that TV shows, movies and other videos.

GREY'S ANATOMY #2 in DVR playback
As a result of DVR playback, GREY'S ANATOMY emerged as TV's #2 scripted show for the week in Adults 18-49 (5.2), behind MODERN FAMILY (6.2). Initially in the Live + Same Day statistics, GREY'S tied as TV's #5 scripted show for the week moving up to #2 based on Nielsen's final rankings.

THE EVENT's ratings down in return
It was already struggling in the ratings in its initial run in the fall. But after a three-month hiatus, THE EVENT returned Monday night down 26% from its last original on Nov. 29.

Y&R head writer Maria Arena Bell on what's next for Victor Newman
"Well, I think it’s going to be very interesting, his reaction. It’s going to be a very complex human reaction, in that I think he is infuriated by the chain of events and I think he always felt throughout the entire lawsuit, he was right in everything he did. He felt it was groundless, these accusations, that he had mishandled their trust, because it’s a private company, he’s a mogul, he makes decisions, he moves money from here to there in order to acquire a company to make a business deal, and he never thought his own kids would question his decision-making. After all, it’s an empire he built himself. So he is pretty angry. The more emotional side of it is that he really, he does truly love his kids. It’s pretty heart-wrenching even though he shows it in different ways."

Betty Paul, actress and writer, dead at 89
The former Londoner had a long and distinguished career in the world of entertainment, performing on stage, screen and radio, and was the author of two novels besides writing for television and radio. In 1966, with husband Peter Lambda, she created television's first rural soap opera, WEAVERS' GREEN.

TOSH.O turns Internet videos into laughs, cash for Comedy Central
Comedy Central might be the first TV network to make money from the Internet. The cable television network's newest hit, TOSH.O, attracts 4 million viewers an episode.

GREEK creator Patrick Sean Smith on the series finale you didn't see and chances of a spin-off
"The flash-forward was to Rusty’s graduation. At Rusty, Rebecca, Dale, and Calvin’s graduation. We also reveal, at the end, that it was Cappie’s graduation as well. The idea is that he stuck around for two years, and I’m pretty sure this will be on the DVD, so people will have the opportunity to see it. It was our undergrads — who were then graduates — two years later from when we left off at spring break with Casey coming back from GW to see Rusty’s graduation and then being reunited with Cappie and them kind of having a drink of hope at Dobbler’s at the end to show that as a game-changer for them. And Ashleigh was back from New York and Evan’s married. It was just one of those flash-forward to reunion-type thing were it was all tied up that way."

ATWT's Tala Ashe starring in "Urge For Going"
"Jamila, a 17-year-old Palestinian girl growing up in a Lebanese refugee camp, is desperate to escape the small and impoverished world she calls home but her greatest source of inspiration, her father, may also prove to be her biggest obstacle. Mona Mansour, a member of The Public's Emerging Writers Group making her major debut with this production, fuses global politics with the intimacy of coming of age in this searing new play."

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