Friday, March 4, 2011

NEWS: Anne Heche, GREEK Finale, Zimmer, Marcil, Gatschet

Anne Heche is getting noticed again - this time for her talent
"I sometimes wake up and pinch myself and ask, 'Is it really true people are starting to see me in a new way? Can I possibly say I'm in the middle of a new boom in my career?' " she told Reuters. "I do feel like it's a moment of blessing, to be embraced for my art and my work."

WATCH: Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo Dishes On GENERAL HOSPITAL Return
“I came back to honor my roots. They are the people I grew up with,” she explained. “It was like going to an incredible high school reunion. We had so much fun. I have so much respect for these people. They work so hard. I loved being there… we just had the best time.”

RATINGS: ABC Ranks as Daytime’s No. 1 Network Among Women 18-49
ABC stood as Daytime’s No. 1 network among Women 18-34 (0.6 rating/216,000 – tie) and Women 18-49 (1.1 rating/721,000 – tie).

AMC's Stephanie Gatschet is organizing a “Free to Breathe” Yogathon
Most people selectively remain in the dark about lung cancer until, by a twist of fate, they are forced to learn. For Stephanie Gatschet, that moment came in 2006, when her mother and best friend, Nancy, was diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer.

“Now I know more about lung cancer than I ever thought I would know or hope to know,” said Gatschet.

LISTEN: Darren Criss Covers Neon Trees' "Animal"
Check out Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, and the Dalton Warblers‘ rendition of Neon Trees' "Animal" from GLEE's upcoming episode, “Sexy”!

GLEE star Matthew Morrison on solo album, Elton John and Coach Beiste
"It was really cool for the first two weeks. I was like, 'Whoa, man! This is awesome.' But that whole thing of everyone coming up to you every second of the day, that starts to wear thin. It’s an amazing problem to have. You just have to make boundaries for yourself. I have to live my own life, too. I’m very gracious to all my fans. Only if I’m working out or eating food is the only time where I say I’m not going to take pictures or sign anything."

WATCH: Glee's Gwyneth Paltrow sings “Do You Wanna Touch Me?”
In her next guest appearance, the Oscar winner is filling in for the MIA sex ed teacher. When she gets a tip that the glee club could benefit from a crash course in the birds and bees, she takes her little show on the road.

Renee Elise Goldsberry Is A 'People' Person
Goldsberry has returned to Broadway, as Kate, the affluent, educated African-American wife of a successful older white doctor, in Pulitzer Prize-winner David Lindsay-Abaire's new drama, "Good People," at Manhattan Theatre Club's Samuel J. Friedman Theatre, opposite Frances McDormand and Tate Donovan.

GREEK Leaves a 'Legacy' -- Series Finale Pics & Videos
"Legacy" premieres Monday, March 7, on ABC Family.
In the episode “Legacy,” unanswered questions will be answered when Rusty (Jacob Zachar) and Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) fight to save the KT house, while Casey and Evan (Jake McDorman) get pulled into a controversial case study for CRU’s Athletic department.

Will Casey and Cappie face their futures together and what’s in store for Rusty and Ashleigh (Amber Stevens)?

And viewers will finally learn the answer to two of the burning questions posed over the years – now that Cappie has declared a major, does he ever plan to graduate? And what is his real name?

BATTLESTAR Alumna Tricia Helfer Joins Ron Moore's NBC Pilot 17TH PRECINCT
The Sony TV-produced drama is set in the fictional town of Excelsior where magic and supernatural elements rule over science and revolves around the cops at the local 17th Precinct. Helfer will play Morgana, a necromancer, the magical equivalent of a coroner, who is an expert at manipulating the potions, tools, herbs and spells of her trade.

John Stamos to guest star on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT
Stamos will appear in the episode titled, “Bang,” as an adoption attorney with a secret passion.

Cary Elwes Joins NBC's WONDER WOMAN
Elwes will play Henry Detmer, the acting CEO of Themyscira Industries, who is deeply devoted to Diana. He runs the day-to-day operations of the company and acts like an uncle to Diana, though he could be a possible love interest down the line.

Amanda Seyfried Promises 'BIG LOVE Finale 'Is Crazy'
The HBO series' fifth and final season ends March 20.

Alec Baldwin on THE ESSENTIAL and His First Film Star Crush
"I think it’s an odd or maybe a not-so-odd happenstance to do this program overlapping with the period where I’ve made the least films in my life because I’ve been doing [30 ROCK]. I think my own natural appreciation and affinity for films comes surfacing in this way now. So this and my participation with the Hamptons Film Festival is really my film-related activity at the moment."

Becki Newton Tapped to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
The multi-camera pilot, from Warner Bros. Television, centers on a blue-collar father whose recently widowed mother as well as his wife, his unmarried daughter and her 12-year-old son all live under the same roof.

Critics Slam ABC Pilot GOOD CHRISTIAN BITCHES for 'Inappropriate,' 'Damaging' Title
Christian publisher Tessie DeVore told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column that the show, which features the tagline “For Heaven’s sake, don’t let God get in the way of a good story!” could put Christians in an unfairly bad light.

“I find the title offensive. I don’t think those two words should be combined,” she said. “A show like this can damage perceptions [of Christians in this country].”

Leslie Bibb Set As The Lead In ABC's 'Bitches
Based on Kim Gatlin's book, the show centers on Amanda (Bibb), a recently divorced mother of two who moves back to the affluent neighborhood where she grew up to find herself in the whirling midst of gossip, Botox and fraud.

Christina Ricci, Jaime King And Annie Potts Get Pilot Starring Roles
Ricci has closed a deal to star in ABC's drama pilot PAN AM. King is set to co-star opposite Rachel Bilson in CW's drama pilot HART OF DIXIE. Potts has been tapped for a lead role in the ABC's dramedy pilot GOOD CHRISTIAN BITCHES.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE PREVIEW: Kourtney Kardashian Punches Guy in Face
Kourtney plays Kassandra Kavanaugh, a sexy lawyer, who makes her dramatic entrance with Cristian. She also has scenes with Kassie DePaiva, who plays Blair Cramer.

NCIS Launches Major Serial Killer Plot
The arc, which revolves around a murdering psychopath dubbed the Port-to-Port Killer, is slated to kick off in the April 5 episode and continue through May Sweeps.

Brend Foster cast on DAYS OF OUR LIVES
Foster has been hired to play the new role of Quinn and will first air in May.

Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman reuniting for "Curtains"
Kim Zimmer (Echo, OLTL; ex-Reva, GL) and Robert Newman (ex-Josh, GL) will reunite this spring in the musical murder mystery "Curtains." The production of the Broadway hit debuts at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts in Houston from March 29 - April 10. It then moves to the Paper Mill Playhouse from April 27 – May 22. For ticket details visit for the Houston show and for the New Jersey show.
Foster has been hired to play the new role of Quinn and will first air in May.

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  1. Wow! There was so much posted on this page. Thanks.

    Given all of the stories here, it's a shame that you couldn't have more of them featured in your headline.

    Finally, I am surprised that ABC would call a series "Good Christian..." That is offensive. I could see a character saying it to describe hypocritical Christians with no problems, but labeling a show as such seems inflammatory.

    Would ABC have a show titled "Good Jewish/Muslim ..."? I doubt it.

    I'm all for controversial and daring dialogue but the title seems needlessly thoughtless. How many people will avoid watching the show because of it?