Thursday, March 31, 2011

Former GENERAL HOSPITAL star Sharon Wyatt faces osteonecrosis, bone death in jaw

Sharon Wyatt starred on GENERAL HOSPITAL for 14 years as Tiffany. Tiffany's relationship with Sean (John Reilly) was a fan favorite. Now, Wyatt is facing a terrifying drama of her own: She has osteonecrosis - bone death.

Like 1,600 others around the country, mostly women, Wyatt believes she got it from the drug Fosamax. Fosamax is prescribed to build up bones, make them stronger, more durable - not to make them brittle and porous, as has happened to Wyatt's lovely jawline.

"I just want my jaw back," Wyatt, who will undergo surgery Friday, explained to the New York Daily News. "To tell you the truth, I like the way I look."

It doesn't sound conceited when Wyatt says it in her down-to-earth Tennessee drawl, it's just a fact. She was a beauty queen, and critics hailed her as a "sexpot with savvy" on GENERAL HOSPITAL. And looks aren't all she's worried about as her fate plays out in a real hospital.

"I'm afraid how it's gonna affect my speaking," Wyatt, 58, told the paper. That's death for an actor: If you can't say the lines, you can't work. It was supposed to help [my] bones, but it made it worse."


  1. Sharon, I will be praying for you

  2. Has there been any word on Ms. Wyatt's surgery? How is she recuperating?

  3. Hoping for the best for her on Wednesday, with another surgery scheduled. We miss you!

  4. That's very sad to hear about this Sharon, Me and my friends definitely pray for you. Wish you best wishes as much as I can.
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