Monday, March 28, 2011

NEWS: Wendy Williams, Candy Spelling, Taylor Kitsch, GH Story Unrealistic?

Wendy Williams' Star Rises Through Renewed Image
The success of her talk show, which was renewed for its third season, has generated other opportunities for Williams. Along with DANCING WITH THE STARS and DROP DEAD DIVA, she'll appear on the soap opera ONE LIFE TO LIVE and host a new dating show LOVE TRIANGLE on the Game Show Network next month.

Candy Spelling to pen another book, this time about daughter Tori
Spelling is shopping another book, but this one plans to dish about her rocky relationship with her daughter, Tori. The widow of TV producer Aaron Spelling has written "Candy Spelling: Golden Girl, Silver Lining," a synopsis of her life since his death. Page Six obtained a copy of the proposal, including a chapter on her troubled relationship with Tori, which deteriorated after Aaron died. Tori, who reportedly received just $800,000 from Spelling's $500 million estate, claimed Candy never notified her of her father's passing. But Candy says she asked Tori to come home when Aaron was near death, but she was filming a movie in Toronto with now-husband Dean McDermott.

VOV produces radio soap opera on climate change
Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) will produce a 100-episode radio soap opera to raise public awareness of environmental protection and adapting to climate change. VOV reporters made fact-finding tours to many provinces and cities such as Nam Dinh, Thanh Hoa and Da Nang. They will focus on the Red River delta, the Mekong River delta and central coastal areas. The programs will be broadcast on VOV channels as well as local radio stations.

BROTHERS & SISTERS ending season (and series?) with cliffhanger
While shooting the May 8 season-ending nuptials of Sarah and Luc (Rachel Griffiths and Gilles Marini), the cast told me they weren't sure if they'll be back for a sixth season. But in typical Walker fashion, they're not going out quietly. "This is more a season finale," stresses Dave Annable (Justin). "We have a good cliff-hanger to get everyone watching next year."

VIDEO: Taylor Kitsch on FNL's final season
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS returns on NBC on April 15.

A toddler transplant on GENERAL HOSPITAL: Can the kidneys of a brain-damaged toddler who is on life support help save the life of another toddler via a transplant?
If the patient loses all essential brain function, he or she could certainly be a kidney donor, provided that blood pressure is maintained at reasonable levels so the kidneys don't get damaged. However, it's very unlikely that Josslyn, with cancer in both her kidneys, would require or qualify for a transplant. Kidney cancer in a young child is usually a Wilms tumor, says Dr. William Carroll, professor of pediatric oncology and director of the NYU Cancer Institute. It is generally highly curable with a combination of chemotherapy, partial kidney removal and sometimes radiation. Even if a cancer develops in the remaining kidney, a transplant would still not be indicated. "I've never heard of a kidney transplant being needed or used in such a case," Carroll says.

Unfortunately, Jake's tragic case and the futile attempt to save him are both fairly realistic.

Elizabeth Taylor's Unseen Role: Mother
"I don't think we heard a lot about her as a mother because we don't tend to think of mothers as so glamorous," said William J. Mann, author of "How to Be a Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood." "She was this globetrotting beautiful siren who kept them out of the spotlight -- she wasn't pushing them onto TV shows as some famous parents do. there wasn't a lot of use of her children in the media."

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