Monday, November 1, 2010

NBC Developing Winery-Set Supernatural Soap

According to, NBC has added supernatural soap VINES to its roster of drama projects in development for next season, with The Ring director Hideo Nakata on board to executive produce and possibly direct.

The project, from writer Mark Kruger (THE 4400) and film producer Michael Aguilar, was originally developed as a feature, which serves as inspiration for the potential series.

It centers on a troubled family desperate for a fresh start that takes over a Napa Valley winery whose ancient vines possess dangerous mystical powers.

- FALCON CREST: Then Versus Now (Watch the pilot)


  1. That would be nice, but don't think NBC cares about daytime dramas. Hopefully DAYS continues for many years but that will probably be it unless some cable network does a daytime soap and has a hit inspiring the broadcast networks to try again. But NBC is showing REAL HOUSEWIVES on their O&O stations during the day so that's what they think of as soaps these days.

  2. Have to give NBC trying w/ Passions. They threw in the kitchen sink and made the show on the cheap, but I hear Days is now made with smaller budget.

  3. Yes, sadly I've seen that the Orange County housewives have been airing on the o&o stations.

    I don't see anything inspiring NBC to do more daytime :-(