ONE LIFE TO LIVE Casting Switch: Tom Degnan Is New Joey

In a move reminiscent of the Scott Clifton-Brett Claywell switcheroo, ONE LIFE TO LIVE has announced that Josh Kelly, the recently cast new Joey, will not play Joey after all.

Kelly will instead be playing a different role: A mysterious, charming and handsome (duh, look at him) guy set to shake up the Llanview scene. Actor Tom Degnan will be taking over the role of Joey, who is still set to return to Llanview on November 24th. Neither actor has started taping yet, so no word on whether their characters will interact.

Why the change? Executive Producer Frank Valentini explains: "After auditioning a talented group of guys for the role of Joey, we are excited to announce that not one but two of them will be joining the cast of ONE LIFE TO LIVE in contract roles. We have now cast Tom Degnan in the role of Viki's son, Joey Buchanan, and we have decided that Josh Kelly is a great fit for the other contract role that we have written. We look forward to both actors joining the show."

Degnan was a popular recast as Adam (Hughes) Munson on AS THE WORLD TURNS but the show never fully used the character and he basically disappeared.


  1. It's odd they did it again. But I liked Tom as Adam so I will tune in to see him. Isn't he in a band will Billy Magnussen?

  2. This is wonderful news for Tom. I've found Tom to be a very charming & sweet natured young man at the last 2 ATWT fan club luncheons in NYC! :-) Yay For Tom! :-)

  3. Hmm. Could it turn out that Joey is coming back to Llanview followed by his "mysterious and charming" (gasp!) boyfriend? Jean Passanante IS writing the show now and there's obviously a strong fan-base that would support such a story.

  4. Actually Jean is Still There But Ron Has More Control Now

    The Stuff We See Now Is Ron

    What If Josh Kelly Is a Recast Schuyler Joplin?

  5. VAfromTX,

    Joey has long been established as heterosexual. He's not going to suddenly reveal being gay. OLTL has made it clear that it won't be doing any gay storylines for the near future.