Thursday, October 7, 2010

OLTL's Carlivati and Valentini Speak Out on New Deals

ONE LIFE TO LIVE executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati have spoken to TV Guide Magazine about their new deals (two years for Valentini and three for Carlivati). Here's an excerpt:

Carlivati: It's the same as always. We meet with Brian regularly and he always challenges me to look at certain aspects of the stories, to go deeper on some, to make certain stories more real for the audience. He's always telling us not to lose sight of this or that. He's very analytical and can look at a story and tell you where the flaws are. So that is the mandate he gives me going forward — to find the real emotion, to make the show relatable. I like a certain over-the-topness to stories. I like the bigness of our show. So I must find the balance to making the epic moments both relatable and soapy, so that we still have all those juicy scandals and the big secrets exploding.

Valentini: All our veteran players are under long-term contracts at this point and so all the ducks are in a row. We can use their characters fully for many years to come.
Carlivati: At the same time, our young people are one of our big strengths and we'll continue to move them into new phases of their lives. We've now moved Langston, James and Starr on to college. Dani, Destiny and Matthew still have a couple of years left to go in high school. We're already looking at young characters like Shane and Jack and thinking, "Well, when they're in high school, we can do this, this and this..." We have to keep that optimism. In our minds, the show's going to be on for a hundred years. Natalie and Jessica, Viki's twin daughters, are about to have babies — those are the future characters of the show! We were recently in a story meeting with Brian, where we were discussing a certain secret coming out, and Brian said, "It would be so much better if you held that for five years." And, of course, it's very encouraging to hear him talk that way.

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