Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NEWS: Brianna Brown, Dana Delany, Erik Fellows, Tina Sloan

Brianna Brown: On Her Soap Box
Brown appears on the cover of the October 2010 edition of Best Ever You. Inside she writes: "I've found that acting on a soap opera is just as challenging as the various other media of moving pictures. It can be long hours. But, the most challenging part is the constant influx of material to absorb and regurgitate without any real foresight of the next twist and turn of your character. It can be a bit of a rollercoaster!"

VIDEO: Tina Sloan Talks About Aging in New Book
Sloan appeared on GOOD MORNING ATLANTA to talk about how to weather getting older with style, humor and grace and her book "Changing Shoes."

UK television show exports up 9%
ITV's flagship drama CORONATION STREET is shown in more than 40 countries, including Canada, where it is the number one soap opera.

Dany Delany: Botox Made My Eye "Droop"
"I had never heard of Botox," says the actress, 54, who now appears on ABC's BODY OF PROOF. "My dermatologist was saying, 'You should try it.' He injected my forehead, hit a nerve, and created a huge hematoma. The nerve has been dead ever since."

Was LONE STAR the wrong show for these economic times?
Robert Bianco writes: "LONE STAR was the wrong show for the times. In an economic climate that has left so many people afraid for their future, viewers apparently were unwilling to embrace a man who scammed innocent middle-class folks out of their life savings, no matter how repentant he was — or how appealingly he was played by James Wolk."

Erik Fellows featured in POM Wonderful ad
POM Wonderful, the litigious juice maker pummeled by the FTC over allegedly touting its product as a remedy for erectile dysfunction among many other health issues, unveiled this week a star-studded national TV ad campaign soaked in erotic imagery. One ad casts a chiseled Erik Fellows from DAYS OF OUR LIVES as a steely warrior walking through a sandy expanse with a bottle of POM in his hand.

Lisa Rinna Addresses Lip Reduction, Breast Implants, and Sex Life in ‘Rinnavation’
“My lips started to define who I am,” she said, according to HollyScoop.com. “That bothered me. I took a big hit for being honest. It gave everyone online permission to lambaste me. It hurt my feelings.”

Carolyn Hinsey to write a "Hot Tell-All Book"
"GUIDING LIGHT wasn't cancelled, it was murdered," Hinsey tells TV Guide Magazine. "After 20 years covering this crazy genre, I know where the bodies are buried."

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