Monday, October 11, 2010

CLASSIC CLIPS: Coming Out Stories on Soaps

For all the talk about lack of diversity in daytime soap operas in 2010, there have been some wonderful coming out stories over the years, most especially Billy on ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Ryan Phillippe), Bianca on ALL MY CHILDREN (Eden Riegel) and Luke on AS THE WORLD TURNS (Van Hansis). Indie soaps have also provided some incredible moments including Vivian on ANYONE BUT ME (Rachael Hip-Flores). Here's a look back at a few of those stories with sometimes less than accepting reactions.

Steven Carrington, DYNASTY (1981)

Lynn Carson, ALL MY CHILDREN (1983)

Billy Douglas, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (1992)

Bianca Montgomery, ALL MY CHILDREN (2000)

Luke Snyder, AS THE WORLD TURNS (2006)

Nicole Miller, SHORTLAND STREET (2010)

Vivian McMillan, ANYONE BUT ME (2010)

If there were other soap opera coming out stories that you enjoyed, post them in our Comments section.


  1. What's about General Hospital's Lucas?!

  2. These are only a small sample. Feel free to post clips of any others you enjoyed including Hank on ATWT, Lucas on GH and others. :)

  3. I loved how Lucas Sanders came out to his mother on GTST:

    Probably not the best way to come out, but what I loved about it is that it was very original.

    Lucas had been living with his father in New York for several years. He felt like his mother wasn't very interested in his life so that's why he didn't feel the need to tell her. I thought it was interesting that this was causing the drama in this storyline, not the fact that Lucas is gay.

    I think we might get a more traditional coming out story on the show soon. Next week the new family will arive in Meerdijk. The family has two sons and a father who can be a little conservative... Lucas will have a lot of scenes with this family, but we don't know if this means one of the sons is a love interest for Lucas. The show doesn't release a lot of spoilers (which is a good thing).

  4. I loved the day Doris came out to Ashlee on GL.

  5. Bianca's coming out has always been an inspiration to me. That was one Bianca storyline that AMC got right.

    And Doris coming out to Ashlee, although it was rushed, was really heartbreaking.

  6. AMC did the best coming out with Kevin Sheffield, for me it touched an entire community; negatives were turned into positives and the "coming out" was broader than any other "coming out" on soaps.

  7. The last one I enjoyed was Syed Masood's on EastEnders, mainly becasue of Marc Elliott's amazing performance, but also because of the cultural, religious angle to the story. There are too many scenes on Syed's journey, but this is the end-of-chapter one where he's finally rejected ''reparative therapy,'' accepts himself, and walks out of his parents' flat -- choosing his lover and putting it right out there in the open square.

    Let's Go Home

  8. Van Hansis' portrayal of Luke Snyder is the best, especailly during the coming out story. Wonderful clip of Luke coming out to his parents, to Will and to Kevin: Van's work is perfect and the story is very emotional, deeply portrayed.