Thursday, September 9, 2010

Win A Soap Makeover With An Emmy Winning Expert!


Emmy Winning Makeup Artist Vanessa Elese
Exciting news!  We Love Soaps has teamed up with Emmy Winning Makeup Artist Vanessa Elese to bring our readers a very special opportunity!

Has a Daytime Drama story ever changed your life? We want YOU! A new web television pilot is calling ALL Soap Opera fans in the New York and surrounding areas to submit on‐camera auditions for consideration and a chance to win a televised makeover from Vanessa Elese, 2010 Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist from ALL MY CHILDREN and Celebrity Hair, Color and Wardrobe Stylists. Submit for your chance to experience the behind the scenes glamour and a day in the life of a Soap Star.

Men/Women submit your taped auditions to include the following:

*Your Name, City, State, Phone Number and Email address

*Which Soap Opera story line/actor/actress has impacted your life the most or inspired you for a life change and why?

*Who is your favorite Soap Star from your chosen show and why?

*A brief description of why you deserve this makeover and how this would help improve your life?

*Submission Time Limit: 2 minutes

*Submission Form: on‐camera submissions to be viewed as Quicktime (.mov) files and emailed to

[email protected]

*Submission Deadline: Monday, September 13th, 12:00 p.m. ET

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