Thursday, September 9, 2010

VENICE Season Two Preview Is Here!

Good news indie soap fans! The wonderful women of VENICE The Series are back!  Come watch this feature previewing season two including Crystal Chappell, Hillary B. Smith, Gina Tognoni, Tina Sloan, a "wet" Nadia Bjorlin, and more!


  1. Yay Venice!!!! I love it!! I love to see all the peeps that bring Venice to our computer screens. They do an amazing job and the film look beautiful. I also like the little play fight between CC and JL...You go girls. Shout out to Kimmy and Crystal for such a lovely show.

  2. That's some spiffy editing...the look bodes well for the upcoming series, and excited to see so many great actors in one series - Jordan Clarke made me smile. I miss GL *sigh*

    And I'm especially looking forward to seeing scenes of my fave actress - Ms. And More! heh.

  3. Hillary B Smith seems to like sniffing and groping people a little too much. A method actress or more like art reflecting life...?