WATCH: Paley Center Farewell to AS THE WORLD TURNS

The Paley Center for Media in New York honored AS THE WORLD TURNS on Wednesday, August 18 with a "Farewell to AS THE WORLD TURNS" tribute. Watch it below.

- PHOTOS: AS THE WORLD TURNS Tribute at Paley Center


  1. Watching this full-length video of the seminar was absolutely delightful. Thanks For Hooking Us Up With This! :-)

  2. Was it me, or was it that blatant that Goutman and Passanante totally disregarded the vets during this discussion, especially Eileen Fulton? I sensed some awkwardness there.

  3. Personally, I'm hoping that Mr. Gout-Butt does not get another EP gig on another TV show. I'm hoping he goes back to his so-so phone-it-in acting performances so he can remember what it's like being ignored, discriminated against for age & wisdom, & unappreciated!