Monday, August 23, 2010

NEWS: Penny, Shaughnessy, Rudd, Dolman, Massey

Sydney Penny thinks it's fine ALL MY CHILDREN's Julia is dead
"They made such a big point about my being shot through virtually every organ," she said. "I think it's fine that Julia died."

Charles Shaughnessy winning rave reviews in "Spamalot"
"Shaughnessy channels everything that you'd expect Python's Arthur to be: handsome, suave and entertainingly self-important. And, it's all delivered with a literal wink, wink to the audience."

Chandler Massey to star in film Smash
Massey will be starring in a film called Smash premiering in February 2011.

Paul Ryan Rudd Died of Pancreatic Cancer
Beloved Broadway, film and television star Paul Ryan Rudd (BEACON HILL) has lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 70. The entertainer died at his home in Greenwich, Connecticut on Thursday, August 12.

BEACON HILL was the US answer to UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS. It featured the exploits of a well-to-do Catholic family (starring Stephen Elliott and Nancy Marchand) living in Boston in the twenties (the first episode started a few hours after prohibition in 1920). By this point, most US television drama had switched to being made on film, but, intent on trying to match the recipe that made the original UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS such a success, the producers elected to make the show on videotape, vision-mixed 'live' from multiple studio cameras. This technique was common for drama made in the UK at the time but had been abandoned in America 15 or so years earlier.

Actress Nancy Dolman, wife of Martin Short, passes away‎
According to CNN, Martin Short’s wife, Nancy Dolman, has passed away. No details were given, but the LAFD reportedly responded to a call at the couple’s home Saturday morning. “Sadly, we can confirm that Martin Short’s wife did pass away,” Short’s rep Camille Kuznetz told CNN Monday. “We do not have any other comment to make.” Dolman had a recurring role on the sitcom SOAP.


  1. A little confused here. Why are you reporting the death of Nancy Marchand? She died in 2000.

  2. I don't remember Beacon Hill but it sounds interesting?

  3. Robb, what are seeing that I'm not? They only reported on Martin Short's wife's death - who's called Nancy. Then there is a flashback on Beacon Hill, which starred Nancy Marchand.

  4. Robb, I mixed up a couple of links in a rush but fixed now. Wanted to post the Beacon Hill flashback. That is one show I haven't see at all.

  5. David, for a few hours yesterday, there was a story posted about Nancy Marchand's death. As Roger mentioned, there was a mix-up with links.

    I remember seeing a few episodes of Beacon Hill. Had the show been a success, I wonder if Maeve McGuire would have returned to The Edge of Night as Nicole.

  6. Robb, was it any good?

    I had the exact same thought about Maeve McGuire!

  7. Roger, I don't really recall Beacon Hill very well. I think our family watched it once or twice and that was it. And probably because Maeve McGuire was on it. Mom was a big Edge fan and I started watching Edge when it moved to ABC in December 1975. I do recall that the character of Fawn Lassiter was heavily played. And I -- confession here -- had a major crush on Paul Ryan Rudd, who played the curly-haired chauffeur. Back then, he went by Paul Rudd, I believe.