Friday, August 13, 2010

NEWS: Danielle Parker, Crystal Vision, Walton, GLEE Comic

Orlando 8-year-old cast as Emma on ALL MY CHILDREN
Danielle Parker, who is 8, on Monday begins her role as Emma, the daughter of Annie and Ryan. “She started doing plays in Kissimmee,” mom Shari Parker says. “That’s how she got started at 4. After she did her first play, she came off the stage and said she wanted to do more. She wanted to act on television and in the movies.”

CORONATION STREET uses Crystal Vision interface to go HD
The 39 Crystal Vision interface products were purchased and installed by UK systems integrator AVC, who recommended the use of Crystal Vision. The project was to upgrade two studios from SD to HD and to build two new two-camera OB vans (to replace the existing SD OB vehicles) in just 10 weeks. The studio upgrades were carried out in the existing apparatus areas and control rooms, which made the project extremely challenging.

New soap opera launched in Palestine
THE TEAM will be broadcast each of the 28 nights of Ramadan, and will reflect the daily life of Palestinians on both sides of the separation wall, in the West Bank cities of Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus, Jericho, and in the northern cities of Haifa and Nazareth in Israel.

GLEE Comic Book Cover Evidently Drawn By Artist Who Has Never Seen GLEE
Becky Bain writes: "What’s wrong with Mr. Shue? And Rachel Berry’s face? Why does Sue Sylvester look serial-killer-angry? And who is the unidentified male in the denim jacket on the left supposed to be? A foreign exchange student we haven’t met yet? Because surely that cannot be Finn."

ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Matt Walton welcomes a son
On August 4, Walton (Eli) and wife Alecia welcomed a baby boy, Greyson James. "It's been wild. Everything's falling into place," Walton told Soap Opera Digest shortly before the birth. Greyson is little brother to Ava, 5.

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