Friday, August 13, 2010

Philece Sampler: A Blast From The Past From Nelson Aspen

I had a long overdue reunion with my great friend, Philece Sampler (DAYS, AW, RITUALS), last night. We shall definitely have to record a "Where Are They Now" segment for WE LOVE SOAPS TV but in the meantime, she wanted me to let you guys know that she (as always) is a busy bee with her voice over career and writing projects. In fact, she's in active development on a screenplay which would co-star our longtime pal and former soap stud, Emmy winning Gregg Marx.

What with all the recent DiMera activity on DAYS OF OUR LIVES (where she memorably portrayed Renee DiMera), I couldn't help but ask if she'd ever consider a return to Salem. She enthusiastically said, "YES!" And even told me an entire storyline she'd come up with years ago that involved Stefano having seperated Renee from her twin sister, at birth. Are you listening, Gary Tomlin!?

Philece is one of the many daytime pals featured in my new book, "DINNER AT NELSON's" which is coming out in February 2011. She'll be joining Marcia McCabe, Thom Racina, Christopher Durham, James & Kassie DePaiva, Louise Shaffer, Louan Gideon and a coterie of other showbiz notables---stay tuned!


  1. Glad to her you had a good time Nelson. You have so mnny friends and no wonder. I jut love all the soaps and have been watching Days" forver. Love Heps, Lynne xxxxx

  2. YAY! RENEE. I'm looking forward to this interview!

  3. Renee Dimera was one of the first DOOL heroines that I loved.
    Kudos, Nelson, on your book!

  4. Hi Nelson and WLS - Big fan of your work.

    Philece looks great. Any chance of a weekly WLS "Where are they now?" segment?

    I'd start with Another World's Beverly Penberthy and George Reinholt.

    They were two of the most compelling and popular actors in the history of the genre.

    They continue to slip into obscurity and it would be great to put them back in the spotlight and on the record. I hear they have very interesting stories to share as well.

    Any chance of adding Bridget Dobson to the WATN list?

    Would love to know the real reason Santa Barbara 1984-1987 hasn't been on the rerun circuit in the USA after being #1 in primetime all over the world. Can't just be music rights for songs that are 25 years old now.

    A good opportunity to clear up the rumours surrounding the revolving casting door that contributed to Santa Barbara's demise.

    Why they launched too early; before Marcy Walker and Nicolas Coster were available to start?

    Why NBC/Columbia refused to allow Jed Allen to start as C.C. Capwell in 1984/1985?

    Was the part of Gina really originally created with Robin Mattson in mind but Ms. Mattson initially declined the offer?

    Is it true NBC pressured them to back off on the Mary/Mason storyline and they killed Mary off and as a result never recovered in the ratings?

    Brillant casting of Sherilyn Wolter as Elena - why they wrote her off after only seven months when the scenes with her and Marj Dusay as Pamela and Jed Allen/Lane Davies and all the other sibling rivalry repercussions could have driven storyline for 25 years?

    Was Brenda Dickson really approached in 1987 to join the cast after being dropped by The Young and the Restless?

    Did Genie Francis turn down the role of Kelly Capwell?

    Would be great to get this all on the record all these years later.

    Did I miss anything?

    Still lots of interest in this show all over the world.:-)