Sunday, June 6, 2010

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: "Viggie" update! (Aka "Magtor")

Good news for Viggie fans!  Since our last article, there has been a considerable amount of airtime devoted to building up this new partnership.  To review, Victor has been emotionally blackmailed into marrying Vivan Alamain by his son Bo, who threatened to kill Vivian if she tried to hurt Carly.  Victor knows Bo means business, and agreed to marry Vivian in order to keep Carly safe, and Bo out of jail. 

Maggie is unaware of the exact reasons why Victor is going to marry Vivian, but she does know that it has something to do with protecting his family.  Although she does not appreciate people entering marriage for reasons other than love, she respects and understands Victor’s motivation, and ends up rallying his friends and family to stay and support him.  To put it another way, her “shoulds” about Victor marrying Vivian do not stop her from caring about him and backing him up.

This is the very core of a solid foundation for a strong relationship.  They offer friendship, support, humor, and kindness, even when they believe the other person is doing something they shouldn’t be doing.  Maggie is the only woman who has had the courage to call Victor an “idiot,” as well as “a cranky little boy with a big vocabulary.”  Victor is the only man who has ever stood up to Maggie's advice, calling her “old-fashioned,” “bossy” and even say, “I hate you” with a flirtatious grin.

What do you think good readers?  Is Viggie enthralling you, or is this a match made in Kiriakis Hell?

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Damon L. Jacobs is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist seeing individuals and couples in New York City at Mental Health Counseling & Marriage And Family Therapy Of New York.   He is also the author of "Absolutely Should-less: The Secret to Living the Stress-Free Life You Deserve.


  1. Since I first started watching soaps, I have always liked the grandparents type characters. But just like with any character, couple or story...there needs to be good acting, chemistry and writing involved...and since the Victor and Maggie story have all that and then some...with what I have seen on screen so far...everyone gets an A+.

    They do ROCK!

  2. don't like them,Maggie is a sweet woman victor is still a dangerous criminal.. Mickey would not approve.
    He doesnt deserve her

  3. Love them. This is the way to use vets--romance and humor. I think they have great chemistry.

  4. Darn! I didn't see this update until I posted on the May 26 Magtor article! I'll re-post.

    The seniors are on fire!The June 3rd show about Victors wedding day was so entertaining!
    Maggie called Victor an old reprobate.
    Victor called her a liar , makes you mad that you like me.
    Maggie told him she was gonna nip this in the bud. "I'm gonna respect your marriage vows even if you're not. I don't want you dropping by for tea and sympathy complaining about the ol' ball & chain."
    Victor asks her if she was this bossy with Micky. LOL!

    OMG they were so good together! A+ writing and acting makes this a bright spot for the show.

    Plus, Vivian!
    Vivian- Victor, I'm in no mood for you're juvenile humor. We're late for our honeymoon.
    Victor- I've been meaning to talk to you about that. How about a staycation? You stay in you're room I'll stay in mine. LOL!

    Louise Sorel managed to infuse the hapless Vivian with enough hurt feelings in her wordless reactions even before her big break down scene. I felt sorry for Vivian. She actually does have some feelings for Victor. I've read on the boards other people feel the same. That's great acting!

    This triangle has so much potential. Or quad - Caroline's reaction to news of Victor's wedding was priceless. She sputtered Oh my Gawd!

    Should be interesting to see the character of Maggie created in the 70's clashing with Vivian, the character created in the 90's. The two kinds of DOOL blending somehow.

    Days seems to start with so much potential for a real emotional love story but squander it in execution. (Philip/Chloe)

    I hope whoever is writing them now continues.

  5. I was totally Gettin' Viggie With It last week. Enjoyed them so much. I hope they continue on this path and that the show plays this out for a long time. So much potential, including Caroline too. Would be interesting to throw another man in the mix, like Bill Horton, or the long, lost Tommy Horton.