Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Love Soaps Celebrates The Arrival Of "Magtor"! (aka "Viggie)

They have arrived!  After much discussion in recent interviews and features, the writers of DAYS OF OUR LIVES are finally beginning to write the epic love story of “Magtor” (ie, Maggie + Victor), the coupling that long-term viewers like myself have wanted for the past 25 years! 

Okay, most lifelong DAYS fans could hardly imagine Maggie Horton with anyone except Mickey.  And it would be hard to swallow Victor in a mature, rational, and healthy relationship with anyone.  But this is why I argue that the pairing of Maggie and Victor makes perfect sense. 

What they have going for them:

-They both have a mutual commitment to family.  Maggie may not have her daughters around, but she is fiercely committed to her “surrogate” daughter Melanie, and back in the day was a loving protective mother to Melissa, Sara, and Janice.  Victor too does everything in his power to love and look after his sons Bo and Philip, as well as his “surrogate” son Daniel.  They may differ on the means to accomplish protecting their loved ones, but their end goals are the same.

-They have both lost significant loves.  Maggie knows what it is to love and lose her husband Mickey.  Many would argue that Caroline is Victor’s true and only love.  However, it seems that ship has sailed given that they blew their chance to get together while stranded in Melaswen back in 2004, and have barely spoken two words to each other since Shawn’s death in 2008.  Both have experienced love, loss, and are ready to try again with a blank slate.

-They balance each other out.  Victor’s biting tongue, aggressive communication style, and selfish  goal setting compliments Maggie’s gentle exterior, diplomatic arguing style, and altruistic motivations.  However, in the past 25 years we have seen each individual at times adopt the other’s traits.  Victor can be incredibly generous and giving when he wants to be, and Maggie can be a fierce power of fiery anger when provoked.  They provide a yin to one another’s yang and provide a fascinating cross-balance of actions and reactions. 

-The have strong ties in Salem.  For 25 years we have seen these two in the same scenes at various weddings, funerals, court trials, restaurants.  They have always run in the same circles, but have rarely spoken directly to each other.  Now they are finally starting to take notice of one another, which speaks volumes about the potential of finding love and affection unexpectedly later in our own lives. 

What they’re up against:

-Their internal differences.  Those same traits that balance them out can be qualities that tear them apart.  Victor’s moral ambiguity and Maggie’s clear sense of right-and-wrong could potentially become dividers.

-Family disapproval.  Like most viewers, Maggie’s loved ones will have a very hard time with her dating a man who has been known to commit various crimes in his time, including drug dealing.  And then there’s that pesky issue of how Victor tried to have Melissa killed in the summer of 1985 when he mistakenly thought she had incriminating evidence against him and his drug cartel. 

-Vivian Alamain.  You think the woman who buried Carly alive and stole Kate’s embryo is going to stand for Maggie getting in the way of her marrying Victor?  Hardly!  But what Vivian doesn’t realize is that Maggie is much tougher, stubborn, and resilient than any of her former foes.  She may appear genteel, but Maggie has never backed down from an argument or fight with anyone. 

Regardless of how this plays out, this coupling is a guaranteed success.  You pair two beloved characters, with decades of history, who are complete opposites in some ways, yet have several mutual goals in common, and there you have it.  I think “Magtor” may be on their way to becoming Salem’s newest and most compelling supercouple of the 21st century.  What do you think?

Damon L. Jacobs is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist seeing individuals and couples in New York City at Mental Health Counseling & Marriage And Family Therapy Of New York.   He is also the author of "Absolutely Should-less: The Secret to Living the Stress-Free Life You Deserve.


  1. First of all, Suzanne Rogers is incredibly beautiful and talented and deserves a complex love story.

    If Rachel Cory can fall in love with and marry Carl Hutchins on ANOTHER WORLD, this one ought to be a slam dunk.

    Maggie and Victor have chemistry, they're both played by talented actors and fans love them separately, so why not together! :)

  2. Love the idea of Maggie and Victor. Never thought I would say that but I do.

  3. LOVE the idea of the pairing... less enthusiastic about the name.

  4. Magtor sounds like some prehistoric creature. When I saw them chem testing this pairing I immediately thought of Carl/Rachel. At least Victor has more indirect evil deeds to overcome. He seemed to concentrate more on making the Bradys and the DiMeras unhappy. This has so much potential as a lovely slow burn romance. So they will probably muck it up by trying to do it too soon.

  5. I would much rather see "Viggie" than "Magtor."

  6. Okay - I am convinced that "Viggie" is a better term. But a story by any other name smells just as sweet!

  7. Oh yes this is going to be epic. I'm honestly the most excited about how crazy Vivian is going to get. This storyline is a great opportunity for Louise Sorel as well. The Carly-revenge thing was starting to wear thin as it was.

  8. The seniors are on fire!The June 3rd show about Victors wedding day was so entertaining!
    Maggie called Victor an old reprobate.
    Victor called her a liar , makes you mad that you like me.
    Maggie told him she was gonna nip this in the bud. "I'm gonna respect your marriage vows even if you're not. I don't want you dropping by for tea and sympathy complaining about the ol' ball & chain."
    Victor asks her if she was this bossy with Micky. LOL!

    OMG they were so good together! A+ writing and acting makes this a bright spot for the show.

    Plus, Vivian!
    Vivian- Victor, I'm in no mood for you're juvenile humor. We're late for our honeymoon.
    Victor- I've been meaning to talk to you about that. How about a staycation? You stay in you're room I'll stay in mine. LOL!

    Louise Sorel managed to infuse the hapless Vivian with enough hurt feelings in her wordless reactions even before her big break down scene. I felt sorry for Vivian. She actually does have some feelings for Victor. I've read on the boards other people feel the same. That's great acting!

    This triangle has so much potential. Or quad - Caroline's reaction to news of Victor's wedding was priceless. She sputtered Oh my Gawd!

    Should be interesting to see the character of Maggie created in the 70's clashing with Vivian, the character created in the 90's. The two kinds of DOOL blending somehow.

    Days seems to start with so much potential for a real emotional love story but squander it in execution. (Philip/Chloe)

    I hope whoever is writing them now continues.