Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NEWS: OLTL in Jersey, HDTV, Delusions, Peter Bergman

ONE LIFE TO LIVE films quarry story in Hopewell, New Jersey
Yesterday’s action took place at the beautiful Quarry Swimming Club, Today’s taping begins at Palmer Square in Princeton, then moves to a roadside in Pennington for a few car stunts. And a little bit of fighting between characters.

SPOILER ALERT: Danielle (Kelley Missal, 16, of New Jersey, in real life) has broken up with Matthew — errr, you viewers won’t know this until the June 7 show on ABC, so don’t let on that we told you. And at the quarry this day (May 25), it is revealed that Danielle and Nate “have feelings for each other,” said publicist Lauri Hogan. "We’re introducing a new family this summer. This story line (Kelley and Nate) has a bit of mystery involved. ‘Cause he’s not just cheering her up at the quarry. There’s going to be a lot of mystery surrounding James from the first minute you meet him."

A Closer Look at HDTV - Daytime Perfoms Poorly
According to the Nielsen Company, high-definition households watch about 3 percent more prime-time programming than their standard-definition counterparts. Different genres over-index quite significantly when Nielsen compares the ratings in HD homes to those in non-HD homes. Award ceremonies and variety shows also over-index. The index’s average is 100, and the “instruction, advice” category comes in at 120, just a bit behind sports.

Which types of shows perform more poorly when HD is added to the equation? Daytime soap operas under-index at 92, and “quiz give away” shows like THE PRICE IS RIGHT do the same, at 83.

"Delusions of Grandeur: A Novel" now on sale
"Delusions of Grandeur" is a novel about a TV soap writer's ill-fated love affiar with an actress on his show--the fictional Harbor Hills--is now out on

Peter Bergman on the Daytime Emmys
"Sunday night, not Friday night, is a good plan," Bergman tells Zap2it. "I'm very hopeful that this will be a great show. I'm not a huge fan of Vegas, but I really didn't like having this in Los Angeles. It was always an exciting time when we had it in New York, but Los Angeles wasn't set up for it, so I'll try Vegas. Hell, I'll try Des Moines!"

Bruce Davison to guest on GENERAL HOSPITAL this summer
Academy Award nominee Bruce Davison is joining GENERAL HOSPITAL for a three-episode arc as Wilhelm Van Schlagel, Franco's (James Franco) art dealer. His first airdate will be in early July.

Drew Cheetwood engaged!
GENERAL HOSPITAL's Drew Cheetwood (Milo) is officially spoken for: Soaps In Depth has learned that the actor and his long-time girlfriend, Jenna Vitale, are engaged to be married! Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  1. It kills me that soap execs never seem to learn this lesson: the audience doesn't want to see their favorites fired and a slew of newbies brought in instead. Doug Marland said it takes 6 months to a year for the audience to care about a character. When this "new family" suddenly appears on screen, is anyone going to care about their problems?