Friday, June 25, 2010

STEAMBOAT Captures Best Branded Entertainment Nomination

STEAMBOAT, the new YouTube comedy sensation, has been named one of three BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT finalists in the Next TV Competition of the LATV Fest, sponsored by NATPE, the National Association of Television Program Executives. Winners will be named during a live stream at the Los Angeles, CA event on July 14.

STEAMBOAT debuted on YouTube Comedy in March, where the pilot can still be viewed. The show has been compared to “The Office” and “30 Rock” for its “behind the scenes” look at the desperate, dying days of a once successful daytime soap. In true Christopher Guest style, the behind the scenes aspect offers a glimpse in to the real or “unreal” lives of the characters who all believe they are Emmy worthy actors.

The real edge to the show, however, is in its groundbreaking approach to product integration. Leaving product placement in its dust, STEAMBOAT, integrates a personality for product sponsors, with high quality entertainment AND dynamic, consumer and audience interaction.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for STEAMBOAT and our sponsors to be seen and to pitch our show to major decision makers in the entertainment industry. We will be exposed to the best development executives, agents, advertising and brand executives,” said Executive Producer and Director Scott Bryce.

“To be recognized as one of the best in new branded entertainment by industry leaders at this level is exceptionally gratifying. Our novel approach to product integrated, branded entertainment, offers advertisers measurable, quantifiable consumer touch points, something traditional media fails to deliver,” stated the show’s Creator /Writer/Co-Executive Producer, Michael O’Leary.

O’Leary and Bryce are no stranger to television and film, both having starred in the longest running shows in daytime and broadcast history. O’Leary is known to millions of loyal fans as Dr. Rick Bauer, on Guiding Light. Bryce, likewise, is prized by fans for his portrayal of Craig Montgomery on As The World Turns. In addition, both actors’ credits include multiple behind the scenes successes. O’Leary stars in the show alongside other familiar and popular daytime stars from Guiding Light and As The World Turns, including Beth Chamberlin, Jacquelina DeMarco, Michael Park, Kurt McKinney, Kim Zimmer, Justin Deas, Tuck Milligan and Orlaugh Cassidy.

The mission of the NATPE LATV Fest NextTV Competition is to showcase and reward excellence for a professionally generated video web series. Through the Next TV Competition, NATPE is searching for the best pilot for a new web series or the best new episode from existing web series.

“LATV Fest has grown to become Los Angeles’ very own global convergence conference, a gathering of the industry’s foremost executive insiders with some of today’s most free-thinking producers. The event offers an unprecedented opportunity for attendees to actively participate in shaping the future of multi platform content,” stated NATPE’s President Rick Feldman.

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