Friday, June 25, 2010

NEWS: Daytime Emmys Go Glam, Final Taping of ATWT

Daytime Emmys go glam
The highlight of the night will likely be a special salute to Dick Clark in honor of his iconic "American Bandstand." Hosted by Clark's heir apparent, Ryan Seacrest, the tribute will feature appearances by Barry Manilow, Cher, Simon Cowell, Frankie Avalon, Marie Osmond, the Spinners and Garth Brooks, among others -- that's when the show is not handing out baubles to soap operas, cooking series, daytime talk shows and children's animated programming.

Glam factor aside, the show's historic shift to Vegas -- no Emmy Awards telecast has ever taken place outside Los Angeles or New York -- actually makes good financial sense for the franchise, says Lynn Leahey, editorial director of Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly.

"You can do it economically and reach a different, more mainstream audience," she notes. "Because of union fees, it's very difficult to lower the costs (elsewhere). In Vegas, you can. It really is a very good marriage between the market and the city."

As Go the Soaps, So Go the Daytime Emmys
"Two Web sites in particular -- Daytime Confidential and We Love Soaps -- are doing a fantastic job of connecting with soap fans and championing their shows. With viewers empowered by digital technology, and with so much additional support on so many levels, imagine how strong soaps would be right now if they told stories that captured the imagination of millions -- and if they weren't so afraid to move forward and mix it up (as all soaps did in the fabled late-'70s and '80s) rather than hang on white-knuckled to their dusty pasts!"

Changes could invigorate Daytime Emmys
"Before we came on board, the Daytime Emmys seemed to be trying too hard to be current, rather just entertain people," says Jim Romanovich, ATI president of worldwide media and entertainment. "Because we'll be in Las Vegas, the entertainment value will be beyond anything seen before."

"People aren't really interested in viewing an industry awards event with a collection of talking heads, nor would we waste our time with that," Romanovich adds. "That's why the show was dead in early 2009. We and CBS agree this is an entertainment show first, an awards show second.

Hays, Hastings, Colombino & Schulenburg on the end of AS THE WORLD TURNS
"The idea of being tied down for a whole year challenged my sense of an actor as a gypsy," said Kathryn Hays, who in 1972 returned to New York from California to take the role of Kim Hughes.

"I came back with two suitcases — one full of clothes, one full of pots and pans," Hays recalled. She never left. (For the last quarter-century, Kim has been married to Dr. Bob.)

"It's a different script every day and the life that you're leading in the show moves on, and over a period of years, it's like you're living another life," she said, trying to describe her job's appeal.

"But now your character is no longer going to be there," she went on, her eyes welling, her voice choking up. "You've been living that character for almost 40 years. You invest yourself in that character. I know who she is." Her voice dropped to a theatrical whisper. "She's mine."

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  1. ATWT will get screwed as usual. ATWT and GL never got any respect. I never watch that shit. I just DVR it and get though it in 15 min. I can't stand Regis goes GAGA over Susan Lucci, makes me want to puke.

    Will there be at least a tribute for Helen Wagner, or ATWT; and will they address her death on the show? I will be done with soaps when ATWT goes.