Thursday, June 3, 2010

NEWS: Soft Power, Betty White, GLEE, ATWT, Demos

Soaps seduce the globe
By relegating soap operas to daytime television and female audiences and resisting changes to a formula that worked during the 1950s and 1960s, the US could inadvertently relinquish a hefty, if unintentional, tool in its soft-power arsenal. Soft power, broader than propaganda or popular entertainment, entails a nation’s ability to change attitudes and achieve policy objectives through cultural and moral force, explains Joseph Nye, the Harvard professor who coined the term in 1990. “Seduction is always more effective than coercion,” he notes.

Will Betty White receive multiple Primetime Emmy nominations?
The white-hot White has been submitted in the guest actress in a comedy series category for her hosting gig on NBC's SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE as well as for her guest shot on ABC’s THE MIDDLE. White was pre-nominated for a Daytime Emmy this year but wasn't on the final ballot.

VIDEO: Sneak Peak at GLEE's "Faithfully"
The cast perfors the 1983 Journey song “Faithfully” on the season finale.

ATI's Jim Romanovich confirms AS THE WORLD TURNS Daytime Emmy tribute
"The ATWT tribute is complete. TeleNext is shipping it to us so YES, ATWT fans, you have your tribute."

How Marketers Can Connect With an Increasingly Converging Target Demographic
Market segmentation and demographic, gender, psychographic analyses are still to this day fundamental elements of practically every consumer product/service/technology company's marketing and communications philosophy: "Who is our target audience, and how can we tailor our message to capture their attention and disposable dollars?" Some brands have been able to answer that question with greater effectiveness than others.

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