Friday, June 4, 2010

NEWS: Peter Bergman, James Clement, Frisco, O2, 3D

Channel 4 and Lime Pictures teamed up with O2 for ground-breaking contextual TV adverts to promote Load & Go, O2's cash card
HOLLYOAKS is a popular drama serial, or soap opera, very popular with teens and young adults, so its commercial breaks were deemed the perfect route for O2 to engage with its target consumers. Channel 4 collaborated with O2's partner agencies to produce a series of twenty individual adverts tailored to complement the ongoing story lines from HOLLYOAKS. The commercials were broadcast exclusively during HOLLYOAKS center breaks, and repeated during the weekend omnibus edition.

Blame Peter Bergman if you are controlled by your TV
Bergman, veteran soap opera actor and commercial voice, earns his spot in infamy for his 1986 declaration that "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV," in Vicks 44 Cough Syrup. It's truly one of the most audacious claims in the history of persuasive communication according to Robert Galvin.

SURVIVOR's James Clement Gets Bucket List Wish with Y&R Cameo
On being known by the Y&R cast: "That was the coolest thing. They knew who I was and they were asking me questions. They actually asked me more questions than I asked them. I hung out with Joshua for a while and he was kind of grilling me. ... And Eric's brother wants to be on the show, so that was cool."

Mark Feuerstein Named His Kid After a GH Character ... By Mistake!
The star of the USA series ROYAL PAINS admits he had no idea that when he named his son Frisco Jones that it was the same name as a main character on GENERAL HOSPITAL. The father of three shrugs it off as no biggie: "Our son is an homage to Jack Wagner's character," he says.

Chrishell Stause's The Crimson Mask has been to 32 film festivals so far
The film was shot for around $200,000 about three years ago.

Are 3D TVs Dangerous? Some Experts Say Yes
There are a total of 10 depth perception “cues”, and stereopsis (the cue that relies on parallax) is only one. And when you see a 3D movie, the other cues that don’t match up are fighting with your brain, which is why people often feel a little disoriented when the movie ends and they take the glasses off.

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  1. I watch Y & R daily, and Peter and my husband Steve B went to acting school together in NYC. Do you remember Petr?