Monday, May 31, 2010

We Love Soaps Weekend In Pictures, Part 2

For those asking for more photos from "We Love Soaps Weekend," we have them for you below.

All photos above by Sue Coflin / Max Photos.

- We Love Soaps Weekend In Pictures, Part 1


  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the GL actors, hope do the same to the ATWT actors, I know there's still people holding out hope that it will get picked up. I don't have faith it that anymore.

  2. Thanks, Deep Dish.

    Craig, I think some of the ATWT stars will turn up on other soaps. And others, like with GL, will go a totally different path to theater or music or both.

  3. Roger, has their ever been where a same character has come on another soap. Like Y&R and B&B characters like Amber, Shela and Lauren switch soaps, I know their the own by the Bell company. Just thought it would be if ATWT and GL characters can go to other soaps. I hope I explained that well.

  4. Craig, P&G soaps have done that since the beginning amongst themselves. Mitchell Dru was on three shows. Mike Bauer moved from GL to AW for a year in the '60s. After AW went off, Jake, Cass and others moved to ATWT. Cass also crossed over to GL. I doubt the P&G characters will live on after September but would be nice.