Thursday, May 27, 2010

We Love Soaps Weekend In Pictures, Part 1

How to describe the We Love Soaps Weekend? In a few words it was mesmerizing, fascinating, compelling, and enlightening.  Of course I had watched and loved all eight of these talents on their respective soaps.  I had seen many of them sing and perform on New York stages in recent months.  But never before had I been witness to the depth of their talent, the range of their capabilities, and abundance of their skills even when plans changed (which they did a few times!).  From the perspective of an organizer, I gained a new respect and appreciation for each actor's resilience, courage, flexibility, and can-do attitude. 

So next time Ilene Kristen, Robert Newman, Kathy Brier, Colleen Zenk Pinter, Michael O' Leary, BethAnn Bonner, Bree Williamson, or Evan Alex Cole are playing in a venue near you, I strongly encourage you to treat yourself and come see them.  Believe me you will not be disappointed.

[Special thank you to Sarah Bliss for these wonderful pictures!]

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