Friday, May 21, 2010

PHOTOS: THE BAY's First Photo Shoot

Dylan Bruce, Kristos Andrews, Mary Beth Evans and Martha Madison were among those on hand Thursday afternoon as the cast of THE BAY got together to shoot the show's opening and take official cast photos.

Check out more photos from the cast below.

The cast of THE BAY, which will shoot in June, is a long list of familiar daytime faces.

Mary Beth Evans (Sara)
Tristan Rogers (Lex)
Sandra Dee Robinson (Christine)
John Callahan (Mackenzie)
Martha Madison (Marly)
Lilly Melgar (Janice)
Gavin Houston (Tony)
Taylor Stanley (Zoey)
Monti Sharp (Keith)
Tanisha Lynn (Vivian)
Camden Toy (Igor)
Derrell Whitt (Will)
Kristos Andrews (Pete)
Dylan Bruce (Brian)
Jade Harlow (Lianna)


  1. Great looking cast!!! Mary Beth looks fabulous, as does Martha! Can't wait to see the show!!

  2. Perfect mother/daughter casting with Mary Beth and Martha.

    That's Remy from AW. She looks so different now.

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  4. Good to see Tristan there and working on this. Total bonus.

  5. Love the photos especially of Mary Beth Evans. Can't wait to see this new show!

  6. I'm pleased to see that Dylan Bruce is part of the cast. I met him at the 2008 ATWT Fan Club Luncheon in NYC. He's a very friendly & sweet young man! :)

  7. Awesome cast. So excited to see Lilly Melgar in this cast as I remember her body of work from GH and B&B. Let the drama begin!

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  9. Beautiful Lilly Melgar is in this series!!! she's extremely talented and gorgeous of course!!

  10. Great photos!!! I ADORE Lily Melgar and I sooooo cant wait to see her in this! She is fabulous!! =)

  11. I am MOST excited to See Lilly Melgar again! I can't wait to see her in this series!! It's going to be fun...My daughter and I can't wait! WHOO HOO...go Lilly!!

  12. About time we get to see one of the most beautiful ladies ever back in a series!

  13. LILLY MELGAR!!! You have no idea how thrilled I am to see her in the spot light again. When she left General Hospital, I stopped watching it. She blows all of the leading ladies away. Lilly is a true super star. This is coming from someone who has been on the business side of the entertainment industry for 20 years. I'm so thrilled that she is back. NOW, I have a reason to watch television. Pure talent!!! My best to you Lilly. Lisa Chiarenza [email protected]

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  15. This cast looks great especially with Lilly Melgar back in action!!! Any show with her as a part of the cast is bound to be a success! Can't wait to see her perform. Even though it's been years, GH has never been the same since her sad departure from Port Charles. Whoever it was who decided to cast Lilly was thinking pure brilliance..brilliance at its best!!!