Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NEWS: FNL, Google TV, SAG, Hasselhoff, Soapdish

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS reruns coming to ABC Family
The new home for soaps, ABC Family, is now going to be home to the syndicated reruns of critically-acclaimed FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS starting this fall.

"We're thrilled to add NBC's critically-acclaimed series Friday Night Lights to the mix of our defining original and quality acquired series," said Tom Zappala, executive VP, program acquisitions and scheduling, for the ABC Cable Networks Group, in a statement. "The series is beloved by critics and viewers, and fits in perfectly with ABC Family's blend of optimistic, heartfelt programming."

Paramount remaking Soapdish
Paramount Pictures is remaking the 1991 ensemble comedy, Soapdish, which starred Kevin Kline, Sally Field, Robert Downey, Jr., and Whoopi Goldberg, among many others. Despite an impressive cast, the original — directed by Michael Hoffman — didn’t do outstandingly at the box office, racking up $36 million, but it was popular with critics. Writer/producer/director Rob Reiner is producing the remake.

The Best and Worst Of Upfront Week - What hit and what tanked onstage in New York
Broadcasting & Cable takes a look at the best and worst of the Upfronts.

SAG's RBD board backs single actors' union
In an expected move, the Regional Branch Division board of directors of the Screen Actors Guild voted to endorse the creation of a single union to cover all performers. For SAG and AFTRA to merge, 60% of members in both unions must vote in favor of it. While AFTRA's membership has gotten over that bar, SAG members have repeatedly defeated attempts to unite the organizations in 1999 and 2003.

The Weekly in Review Episode #11
Mala Bhattacharjee and Joe Diliberto talk about Mala's adventures at We Love Soaps Weekend, GH's Michael behind bars, the series finale of LOST and GLEE going Gaga.

David Hasselhoff back in the hospital
Hasselhoff is scheduled to return to THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as Snapper Foster in mid-June.

Five Reasons Consumers Won't Tune in to Google TV
Ellen Dudar writes: "Last week, with great fanfare, Google announced its plans to visit your living room via the TV screen. With the promise of interactivity and the magic of the internet on your TV, some industry analysts heralded Google's plans and predicted a technological renaissance that would change our TV-viewing experience forever. But just as it's the giant who steps on the most landmines, the search engine behemoth's plans are doomed to repeat the failures of Microsoft's Web TV, Apple TV and Yahoo TV. Combined, these companies have a market share of around zero."

Why Professional Writers Need a Blog. Or Not.
If you write for money as an independent contractor (versus, say, the staff obituary writer at the local daily), and if you intend to grow and sustain your client base, you should have a website. Period.


  1. Remaking Soapdish?!? SACRILEGE!

  2. Given the sad state of TV soaps, a remake seems like a mighty bad idea. Instead, why doesn't Paramount sink its resources into producing a new daytime soap??

  3. If the remake actually was a big hit, it could inspire a network to produce a brand new soap.

  4. Nelson, the sad fact is that the last successful daytime soap launch was B&B back in late Eighties. (Yes I know Passions lasted for seven years, but it was never really more than a ratings minnow). As such I doubt there would be much traction for the idea of a new soap at Paramount. Mind you I would happily be proved wrong!

  5. I agree with Frank. The original Soapdish is a classic comedy with fabulous performances that doesn't need to be updated.

  6. I have to agree - remaking Soapdish is not a great idea. I'd rather see a movie version of Victoria Rowell's book.