Sunday, May 2, 2010

NEWS: Influential Soaps, Auction, Chamberlin, Hunt, Byrne

How much are soaps influencing our lives?
Drake Bennett of the Boston Globe writes: "Soaps, it turns out, are shaping behavior in ways that are subtle, profound and, from the standpoint of global development experts, positive. A team of economists credits Brazilian TV ”novelas” for helping to dramatically lower a fertility rate that in 1960 was above six births per woman. Others have found that in India — where soaps dominate the airwaves — villages where people watch more TV give more responsibilities and rights to women and girls. Researchers in Rwanda have found that radio soap operas there can help defuse the country’s dangerous ethnic tensions. Turkish soap operas have set off a public debate about women’s roles in the Middle East. And research in the United States has found that health tips tucked into soaps have greater sticking power than with just about any other mode of transmission. In a surprising number of ways, soap operas are improving lives around the world."

PHOTOS of GUIDING LIGHT auctioned items
Castners Auction & Appraisal Service sold hundreds of items from GUIDING LIGHT on Saturday at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. P&G wouldn't allow the use of the show's name though in the auction.

BETH CHAMBERLIN: With GUIDING LIGHT's Last Breath, New Life is Born
"There is a new light that is trying to break through. This light is in the form of a production company called 9 After 7. I am a part of this group and what we are attempting to do is create a ‘new kind of light’. We want to give the fans what they lost. We want to give them the people, the couples and the type of stories they loved."

INTERVIEW: Crystal Hunt
"Recently I’ve been doing a lot for the breast cancer charities. I did the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and I am getting ready to do the Revlon Walk. My mother survived breast cancer last year. It is incredible to be there walking next to my mother, and seeing all these people walking with these signs on their backs, these 5-year-old kids walking with their dads and wearing a sign that says 'In Memory of Mommy.' There are a ton of 'In Memory of' signs."

AUCTION: Soap-Studded night on the town with Martha Byrne is presenting an auction with Martha Byrne and her soap star friends to help raise funds to benefit the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, which relies on donations to execute its mission.

Oliver Stone inks TV deal with Epix
Oliver Stone and writer Bruce Wagner have struck a development deal with Epix, with their first project being a one-hour scripted dramatic series titled STILL HOLDING, based on Wagner's novel.

ey Turner quitting EASTENDERS after six years
An EASTENDERS insider said that Stacey has the birth of her baby coming up on the show, although we still don’t really know who the father is. They also said that fans just want to see Stacey happy, so the bosses are planning to give the fans exactly what they want.

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