Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lucy and Sierra Back to AS THE WORLD TURNS

Look for both Lucy and Sierra to appear for a handful of AS THE WORLD TURNS episodes before the show ends its run in September.

Mary Beth Evans has updated her blog for and mentioned her return as Sierra.

A few days after wrapping DAYS I got a call to go to NY for a handful of episodes of AS THE WORLD TURNS. Now this is getting fun. Just when you think, “what will I do next”…something surprises you. Allowing yourself to be open and ready for an opportunity I think is partly the key to success.


  1. Mary Beth. Would love to see Finn but doubt anyone even thought of that with Scott Bryce no longer on the show.

  2. Inquiring minds really would like to know which Lucy and Sierra are returning. Any clues?

  3. Being a huge Lusty fan aka Lucy and Dusty i had been hoping for an eventual Lusty reunion really hoping that Peyton List the original and only Lucy in my opinion and the only pairing with Dusty that had the greatest chemistry.But the show went for Janet and Dusty thus making me really not care what happens any more.Compile that with Marie/Meg leaving the show and breaking up another one of my fave ATWT couples Meg and Paul for Paul and Emily(who i loved with Casey) and now when i finally am loving a Luke and Reid pairing after being a Nuke fan for so long i have been again disappointed to know that Nuke will eventually reunite and thus ending a pairing that has been a bright spot these past few months of drek on the show.So bringing back Sierra and Lucy might have been good if the show was not ending but now i just dont care and that's sad that when the show ends their will no couple that i really love anymore.I wish the show would end with what the fans are rooting for and just drop stories that they started i really think a Lucy and Dusty reunion and Luke and Reid pairing would end the show on a high note but for me it will be a low note.

  4. So Daytime Confidential Reports That sarah Glendening will Once Again Play Lucy

  5. why don't they just stop recasting Lucy Montgomery? The only real Lucy is Peyton List. It's great though that Mary will be back as Sierra!