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INDIE SOAP BEAT: April 9, 2010

In this week's "Indie Soap Beat" feature we reveal the latest happenings from around the world of independent soap opera and web series production. Click the show logos to visit the official websites.

In case you missed the We Love Soaps interview with REALITY BYTES star Drake Hogestyn, you can read it here. Hogestyn previewed his character, Jerry Parker: "Creating a character is always a challenge, but in this particular case I'm going to be ask to bring a character to life. He was a real-life hero to many and that in itself is especially daunting. I'm up for the task but I'll also be very respectful of the writer's interpretation of this man's reincarnation. From what I understand, the man was a state trooper who died a very young and untimely death, and left a lot of people behind. He was one of the all around good guys and quite a prankster. I'm honored to be asked to bring this man back to life with the help of Kate Lang, the writer." Look for our interview with Jade Harlow (Victoria Radcliffe) in the coming days.

The second season of EMPIRE premieres on April 27. WE LOVE SOAPS TV is going to feature interviews with writers Greg Turner and Brian Hewson as well as features with several of the stars of the show as we countdown to the premiere date. Turner's critically acclaimed musical, "All Fall Down" is having a reading in New York City on Saturday.

THE LIKE US SHOW, a radio soapa opera airing on stations around the country, has now aired 49 episodes. The episodes are short enough that you can easily catch up so check it out! Christian Barber, who plays Robert, also has a role on EMPIRE in Season Two. Look for the We Love Soaps interview with two-indie soap star Barber soon.

THE LOVERS AND FRIENDS SHOW returns on Wednesday, April 14, for the finale of Season Three. L&G is an urban web-based lesbian soap that debuted in January 2008. You can watch the trailer for the season finale here. The show stars Marlaina Law, Christy Rodriguez, BeBe Brunswick, Nicole Pina, Zaire, Kissa Jo and Hollissia Holloway.

GOTHAM released another "quickie" for next week's all new episode. The previous episode earned the show the top spot in last week's Indie Soap of the Week poll. How terrific has Anna Stuart been in the role of Elizabeth? If you missed Damon L. Jacobs' interview with the scene stealer, you can read it here. Creator/producer/star Martha Byrne spent Thursday waiting tables at Uno Chicago Grill on the Upper West Side of Manhattan as part of the Seventh Annual Love Our Children Day benefiting Love Our Children USA.

Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward's ANYONE BUT ME is a finalist for the Streamys’ Audience Choice Award. Go to to cast your vote. You can vote once a day until April 11. Season One of ABM is now available for purchase at

CHICK released the show's Season One finale on Monday. In the episode, Lisa heads into superhero training with instructions and a warning. You can watch it here. There is only one more episode left in Season One. CHICK is having a cyber party on April 13th and 9 p.m. ET. Fans will be able to chat with producers, find out what the future holds and win fun prizes and CHICK swag! Visit the show's website for more details.

LENOX AVENUE recently released a trailer for the upcoming season. LENOX AVENUE follows the fast-paced metropolitan lives of Harlemite friends Owen (creator Al Thompson), Sellars (Dorian Missick), and Vaughn (Ryan Vigilant) as they learn that in relationships even with experience, there's no playbook. The show also features a star-studded supporting cast, including Victor Williams, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Jamie Hector, Chenoa Maxwell, Lord Jamar and Michael K. Williams.

While fans anxiously await word on the future of STEAMBOAT, they are been able to check out the cast and crew in other venues. Director/Producer Scott Bryce recently reunited with his former AS THE WORLD TURNS sibling on GOSSIP GIRL, and last night he appeared on 30 ROCK. Producer/writer/star Michael O'Leary will be participating in the first annual "We Love Soaps Weekend" May 21-23 at the Villa Roma Resort.

On Episode #23 of WE LOVE SOAPS TV, Roger Newcomb and Damon L. Jacobs welcomed the cast of ANACOSTIA, winner for Best Ensemble at the recent Indie Soap Awards. Creator and star Anthony Anderson (Sean Taylor) was interviewed along with Chanté Bowser (Salina Taylor), Tamieka Chavis (Mia Stephenson), Pasha Diallo (Dominique Johnson) and Kena Hodges (Nicole Reese-Davis). ANACOSTIA recently concluded a successful first season and is currently in pre-production on Season Two. Find out more about these rising indie soap stars who are ready to take the world by storm in the video below.

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