Thursday, April 15, 2010

FLASHBACK: Terry Lester 1993


By Lynda Hirsch
Sun Sentinel
October 24, 1993

What's this? Terry Lester, who plays Royce on AS THE WORLD TURNS, is censoring himself? In a decade of interviewing, the oft daytime Emmy-nominated actor has never uttered the words "I can't say that."

Everything the actor says is still on the record, he's just a bit more circumspect. He is also happy with his work and working conditions on AS THE WORLD TURNS, which he joined 11 months ago after long runs as Jack on YOUNG AND RESTLESS and as Mason on SANTA BARBARA.

"Last week, I think I did the best work of my career," he says, speaking of the scene in which Royce's second personality, Roger, was revealed. "I walked into my apartment just after the show aired and my phone started ringing with positive feedback from my co-workers. Unlike other shows I've worked on - no, I won't say which - I feel wanted and appreciated on AS THE WORLD TURNS."

Lester admits he has been limited in what he can do with Royce. "I thought I could round out Royce by giving him some traits from his other personality. I was told I couldn't play it that way. I'm going to get in trouble for saying this, but I think Royce is the kind of man brought about by the '70s-'80s belief that men and women are alike. That's ridiculous, and the result is bottled-up men like Royce."

The 11 months of having to play Royce without any zip made Lester nervous. "I'm sure people were watching and thinking, `What a stiff. What is Lester doing?'" Those fears can be put aside, as the emergence of gruff Roger has people talking about an Emmy nomination.

Then, on Sept. 27, Royce's third personality emerged. It is an 8-year-old boy who revealed a horrifying secret.

Next comes the integration of Royce's personalities.

"I'm very excited about this," Lester said.

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