Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Lane Davies came in at #27 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actors of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Davies' work on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, SANTA BARBARA, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and GENERAL HOSPITAL.

1981: Evan attends Josh and Jessica's wedding.
1984: Mason is disinherited.

1985: Mason meets Mary.
1986: After learning of Mary's rape, Mason hits Mark.

1986: Julia tells Mason he's looking for a father for her baby.
1987: Mason tells Victoria that C.C. was responsible for her break-in.

1988: Mason tells Julia the only family he really wants is Samantha and her.
1989: Mason talks to God a.k.a. Brian Frons.

1989: The Capwell Zone.
1992: Ridge is enjoying marriage to Taylor.

2003: Cameron learns from Bobbie that Zander missed his counseling session.
2003: Cameron is revealed as Zander's father.

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