Sunday, April 4, 2010


Kin Shriner came in at #36 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actors of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Shriner's work on GENERAL HOSPITAL, TEXAS, RITUALS, PORT CHARLES, AS THE WORLD TURNS and GOTHAM.

1978: Scott encourages Laura to just solve her problems.
1979: Laura and Scott get married.

1979: Scott and Laura discuss Cynthia White
1981: Lurlene talks to Jeb about her future plans.

1981: Scott is bitter after Luke and Laura's wedding.
1983: Scott tells Lee he is being framed for Susan's murder.

1984: RITUALS promo featuring Mike and Lacey.
1985: Shriner and Mary Beth Evans go on MERV GRIFFIN to promote RITUALS.

1988: Scott pressures Cheryl to use her relationship with Edward and Alan and influence them to vote for Meditech.
1989: Scott buys Lucy lingerie to wear in order to seduce Alan.

1991: Scott and Lucy have been arrested for muder.
1993: Scott and Laura talk before his wedding to Katherine.

1995: This B&B episode has been translated by voice over actors, but it's an interesting clip to view of Shriner with Susan Flannery, Robert Genry, Ellen Wheeler, Kimberlin Brown and John McCook.
1997: Scott tries to help Eve.

2005: Keith tels Jack no one will tell him how to handle JJ.
2005: Keith gives Holden advice about Lily and Luke.

2008: Scott tries to explain what happened with Laura.
2010: Jon refuses to accept he isn't part of Catherine's life anymore.

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