Sunday, April 4, 2010

NEWS: Claywell, Shemar Moore, Drew Garrett, MAD MEN

Drew Garrett on his GENERAL HOSPITAL experience
"Whether I stayed on the show one year or four years or two years, it was a great experience regardless and a great tool for my career," said Garrett, who attended Bak Middle School and The Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach.

Garrett now lives in Los Angeles and was aware of only some of the efforts fans had taken to win him his job back. "I'm trying to stay 100 percent confident, because you got to in this kind of business. But it's hard not to when you have so many people providing you so much support," said Garrett.

Fans rally to reinstate former Dreyfoos student to GENERAL HOSPITAL
“I would hope that ABC would be smart and listen to their fans,” says Sarah Schaub of Albert Lea, Minnesota, one of several loyal GH viewers who’ve started a campaign on Twitter, Facebook and stations like West Palm Beach ABC affiliate WPBF to get Garrett back on the show

Shemar Moore: "Soap opera days were like high school"
"I've had a lot of success in 16 years, but in some ways it still feels brand-new because there's still so much I haven't done," he says. "I treat my career like school. The soap opera days were like high school. I got my diploma and graduated. "Now I'm in college, and hopefully I'll go to grad school (feature films) and catch the bus with Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith and the others."

INTERVIEW: OLTL's Brett Claywell (Kyle)
"I keep saying that if you take Milk and you take Brokeback Mountain and you take the work we did, I feel like we stand toe-to-toe with the work that was done."

TWIN PEAKS turns 20: Where the actors are now
TWIN PEAKS is turning twenty on April 8, 2010. To celebrate its lush, strange — and influential — world, the National Post takes a look back at the series and where the actors are now.

MAD MEN season 4 scoop
Casting for MAD MEN's upcoming fourth season has begun and, according to sources, boss Matthew Weiner is adding three new potentially recurring characters - a handsome and creative male; a voluptuous, curvy, and cute brunette who is friendly but professional; and an affable guy who is a bit lacking in personality.

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  1. I still don't understand why Drew was replaced. Of all the first timers I've seen introduced to soaps in recent years, he is one of the most dynamic. This kid has real talent that GH should have appreciated. With this decision Drew loses, GH loses, and the fans lose. I just don't get it.