Monday, March 15, 2010

NEWS: First Dot-com, Tradition Media Declining, Claywell

First Dot-com Celebrates 25th Birthday
Exactly 25 years ago, on March 15 1985, computer manufacturer Symbolics, Inc registered the first .com web domain ever: By today’s design standards, and considering how web sites looked back in the late eighties and early nineties, it’s quite decent, although a bit short on content.

Pew Report Shows Traditional Media in Decline
The Pew Research Center's annual Project for Excellence in Journalism "State of the Media" report reads like a grim epitaph of traditional media. National and local TV, newspapers and magazines have endured painful staff cuts as ad revenues continue to evaporate. And while new voices proliferate online and on TV, resources devoted to traditional newsgathering continues to shrink.

Brett Claywell on OLTL's GLAAD Media Award win
"Was a fun night. Would have thought they would have acknowledged our work at least, but not so. Oh well! We still won...I think..."

Kish fans continue to mobilize
The latest effort is

Alex Carter returns to HOLLYOAKS
The 27-year-old, who recently anounced his departure from EMMERDALE, is reprising the role of Lee Hunter, who he played between 2001 and 2005, as part of new producer Paul Marquess' shake-up at the soap.

INTERVIEW: EMMERDALE producer Gavin Blyth
"I think the past year has shown our intention going forward. I think the balance is there and it's right for what our audience want. It delivers for all sections of the audience and we haven't alienated any viewers at the expense of others. Any audience of any generation enjoys strong stories with good characterization. We don't have to specifically be writing for an older or younger audience. An intelligent audience can always enjoy watching any generation of character."

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