Friday, March 26, 2010

Nelson Aspen's Where Are They Now Tour: Larkin Malloy

International entertainment reporter Nelson Aspen, author of "Hollywood Insider Exposed!", continues his Where Are They Now Tour for We Love Soaps with a sit down with former The Edge of Night star Larkin Malloy. After EDGE and the historical character of Sky ended, Malloy went on to starring roles as Kyle on Guiding Light, Travis on All My Children and Clay on Loving. He also had a memorable guest run on As the World Turns as Dr. Weston.

In this fascinating interview, Malloy, who came in at #45 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actors of All Time list, shares his thoughts on his soap roles, reveals some things never heard before, and catches us up on what he's doing now.

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  1. I think Larkin is awesome, on screen and off. And isn't it an amazing coincidence that we wore the same shirt!? :)

  2. I agree about Larkin. And I didn't even notice the shirt thing. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this great interview. I remember Larkin from watching EoN as a kid. Sky and Raven were the best.

  4. Won't it be cool if Larkin does a cameo in the final episode of ATWT?

    Thank you again, Nelson, for such a wonderful and insightful interview.

    There are few people besides Nicolas Coster that I can think of who soap-jumped so frequently, yet consistently gave such an outstanding performance like Larkin Malloy.

    His portrayal of Jefferson Brown was probably my favorite because he was able to be so malevolently evil, yet romantic enough to capture Raven's heart. The shocking scene of his death was only exceeded by the sudden return of Schuyler Whitney.

    The one thing I would have liked to have found out is if the role of Jeff Brown was supposed to play out over the normal six to nine months and then Larkin's contract would be up or was it always intended that he would segue into Sky Whitney.

  5. Great interview Nelson! I didn't realize that SFT moved into EDGE's old studio. Where was that studio located in Manhattan?

    When AOL and P&G had teamed up to re-air these classic soaps on the internet, they got up to Nov. 1980, so we got to see Sky's introduction. At that point, he was involved with dancer Martine Duval. Unfortunately, EDGE hasn't found another home online since AOL discontinued the P&G shows a year ago. I keep hoping hulu will pick it up.

    Chuck, great question about the Jefferson Brown storyline... I'd like to know the answer to that one as well! Nelson, if you talk to Larkin again soon, could you found out the answer to Chuck's question? (For those who didn't see EDGE, Larkin started playing Schuyler Whitney in the fall of 1980... months later we learned that he was an imposter named Jefferson Brown. The fake Sky was killed on location in Switzerland in Jan or Feb. 1982. Shortly thereafter, the real Sky Whitney turned up! Also that year, a car struck Larkin Malloy on the streets of NY and he was off the show for awhile and James Horan subbed for him.)